You gotta laugh at yourself. Like the boring book on the bookshelf. Anyone ever walk in a crowd and fall? Embarrassing as that is, did you “play it off?” I mean like, get up and walk like nothing happened? The icing on the cake is if someone busted out laughin’.

I remember I tripped down the stairs at my old job. Everyone stared at me like the mob. My coworkers tried their darnedest not to laugh. Meanwhile, I jumped up, patted myself, as if people wanted my autograph. Did it hurt? Of course it did. But the pain was subsided by my blushing head.

No one ever wants to be embarrassed. Though sometimes you gotta laugh at yourself with some cherish. Stuff happens, I’ll giggle with the crowd. Yep, that’s right, I’ll make myself proud.

I’m learning that those downfalls are some of the best moments in life. Laughing is the perfect antidote for strife.


Random of the Day: Self-Love

A few random posts from Instagram!

We’re all trying our best in this big, wide world. Love yourself first always. If you don’t accept yourself, why would anyone else accept you? We all deserve peace, love, and happiness- and better yet, these are all FREE gifts that we can obtain for ourselves, from ourselves. How cool is that?! 😍❀️ Blessings to all! πŸ™πŸ½


Let’s play a game?

Survival of the fittest.

Last brother standing

Wittiest flame left commanding.

A chapter of Russian roulette. The suspense of waiting for the threat.

Monopoly has that get out of jail free card. A game of dice, taking a chance with the bard?

Racing down a yard? Gotta watch out for the lard! Maybe instead, the courtyard?

Let’s play Operation. You only live once. A game of Life? Don’t want to be a duration dunce.

Call Steve Harvey, get the Family Feud started. Mysteries to solve, a game of Uncharted.

Sibling rivalries like no others. Can’t take it too far, don’t want to be like certain brothers.

Don’t interrupt our games. Only we can rename.

Best friends, we’re both survivors. Mess with our games, we’ll tackle you with pile-drivers.

WORK, Work, work

Why can’t money be free? Why can’t money grow on a tree? Wouldn’t that be lovely? Actually, why do we need money? Sharing is caring, and it’s sweet like honey. Maybe a trade? I trade my goods, you trade your goods. If only we could. Everyone has some kind of talent! I don’t think it’ll be a challenge. Though working is fun, you get to meet different people. It’ll just be fun, to have a sequel. I’m just talking crap. I’ll be at work tomorrow, excitingly ready to yap.

I like nice things, and work provides the way. Don’t take me seriously, I like to play!