Furniture Artwork: Metallic Bench (Reshare)

Furniture Artwork: Metallic Bench (A Bench or Art)

Wanted to share my metallic bench again. I’ve been in a resharing mood lately, though these are my babies; I have to show them off! πŸ’šπŸ’™



Words are very powerful. Whenever we speak, whenever we tell a story, we are casting literary allusions. Your emotions may feel inclusive, yet the words could portray delusion.

It’s fun learning multiple words for literary casting. Like being casted in roles that are small, or everlasting.

Same words may mean different things. Kneeling down on one knee, with jewelry, or maybe the phone rings. Maybe a story with good tea, without the beverage drink. Beautiful sounds to hear. With lovely waves coming from near or over here. Get what I mean? An average scene, with a powerful routine.

Words are powerful. Every letter is very colorful. Literary allusions, very superstructural. Cultures full of literary art are magnifying, and wonderful!

Mixture of Dreams Part 18 (TV Edition)

Whoa, what a day it was! A day full of games with assembled love. The Giant went on a big stroll through the Greenleaf woods. Only to run into marvelous heroes of good. It was a mystique set of events. The Giant ran into the Avengers, and Spiderman, who was in a webby tent.

The Giant was excited to meet The Avengers, having met other superheroes a few weeks ago. It was like being in a Disney movie, with amazing scenes to show. There was Thor, with his divine hammer, and The Hulk, who was silent with a green temper. Captain America with his shiny shield, and Quicksilver, running fast through the mightiest fields. It was magical!

After a day of games and laughter, Nightfall came about. It was time The Giant went home, and took the much needed sleep route. He thanked The Avengers for a super time! A day full of fun, and tales that shine. The Giant got home and hopped straight into bed. More cloudy adventures overtook his sleeping head.

Goodnight and sweet dreams, Legendary Writers! This Giant, hopes that you all get everything that your heart desires!

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines Movie Review

This review contains minor spoilers!

Diana Prince is the hero we all need. This direct-to-video animated movie was beautiful. From the graphics, to the action-packed fight scenes(which Wonder Woman ALWAYS deliver), to the voice acting, and a magnificent script, this movie covers all the bases. If anyone’s familiar with the comics, this movie passes the torch from The New 52 to Rebirth. This movie is a prequel to the Justice League: War movie, and also a sequel to the movies that came after. This was truly a great story.

As with most of Wonder Woman’s (Rosario Dawson) stories, we have Steve Trevor (Jeffrey Donovan) crashing on Themyscira. Wonder Woman, or Diana, rescues Steve, and takes him to a chamber to be healed. In doing this, Diana breaks the oath of no man being allowed on the island, and Steve is taken prisoner. Well, this can’t stand with Diana, who breaks Steve out of prison. If there’s evil in the world, Diana is going to help fight it. Another reason why she’s awesome. She steals her armor and weapons, including the lasso of truth, which leads to an altercation with her mother, Queen Hippolyta(Cree Summer). After their little battle(yes, they battled!!), Diana is disowned and soon travels to Man’s World with Steve Trevor to fight evil. There ya’ have it, thats the premise. I know this sounds just like every Wonder Woman movie, but I promise you, this is an amazing, and refreshing story! Diana eventually goes up against most of her villains, some including Doctor Poison (Courtenay Taylor), Giganta (Kimberly Brooks) and Silver Swan (Marie Avgeropoulos) – who she battles the entire movie.

That’s not even the half of it. Diana battles most of these villains while they’re juiced up on some serum that makes them even stronger!! I mean, look at Cheetah:

Yes, Cheetah (Kimberly Brooks as well) was also in this movie! She already gives Wonder Woman a run for her money, but to be juiced up on serum that increases her strength, she was moving as fast as The Flash. No kidding. It’s Wonder Woman, though, and with thousands of years of training, she’s going to battle this one out!! This leads to her final battle, with the one and only Medusa.

Who was also juiced up on this serum!! Also, we all know if you look at Medusa (Cree Summers as well), you turn into stone. Wonder Woman did the unthinkable, and blinded herself, and went to war. This was one hell of a battle!!

I’m not going to spoil the whole movie for you guys! That wouldn’t be fair, or fun. Everyone should seriously give this movie a watch. It’s a reminder of why Wonder Woman is apart of the trinity that also includes Batman and Superman. She’s a beast and certainly a force to be reckoned with!!

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is available on digital platforms, and will be out on Blu-ray, October 22, 2019! Make sure to check out the movie, everyone! Full of great action!

Mixture of Dreams Part Diecisiete (TV Edition)

It was a Charmed kind of night, with the cool breeze and rainbow hard leaves. The Giant was being a Daredevil, and thought he would try to sing. He was watching Glee, which gave him inspiration. He felt like he was on The Voice, his soul in liberation. The Giant belted out the lowest of the lows and the highest of the highs. Melodic notes fluctuating, like a tiger in the eye.

Soon the Giant was tired, it was the Black-ish of the night. He had a great time singing, even The Punisher would glow in light. He hit the sheets, and soon begin to dream. Good night, Legendary Writers of Tomorrow, and sweet dreams. This Giant, hopes that you all have fun and sing, about anything!