Blending its way around my sight. It’s hiding, not wanting to be found, and not being visible. It’s a chameleon. Able to fit in the visual of those who come about. It knows that the sight can play tricks. It will play tricks. It will slay quick. It already has it’s eyes on a prize. Don’t freeze, don’t attack, just step back! Don’t tease, don’t slack, or become a snack..

One look and it’ll have you cold as stone. Second look will send chills down your bones.

The snake, it’s waiting for the broken. It can come in many different forms, so keep your third eye open.






18 thoughts on “Snake

  1. Jill Bont

    Hehe, did you see that story yesterday about the people who cooked a frozen pizza and accidentally cooked a snake? It was slightly repulsive. Couldn’t help but think of it while reading this. 😝

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  2. Little Angels of comfort

    I like this!🤣 Also, wanted to stop by to say hello. This is the TV lounge aka angel of light.👼🏾 I thought I’d create a blog at this time to give encouragement to those struggling. Glad to see you’re still blogging!🙂

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