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Growth Part Two

The need of chapters to evolve. The want of pages to involve. Wanting to become something different. Needing to provoke something whispering.

Change the season. Change the scene. A chance to alter the inner reason. A chance to alter the outer routine.

Something that’s physically similar, mentally peculiar, and spiritually familiar. A rebirth, or another growth.

Sink the Cronus vessel and drown the past. Rise, Zeus ship, and the future cast.

The evolution of a role, growing from a thought. Growth of a soul, and the evolving, of a louder plot.

Mixture of Dreams Part 19 Special Halloween Edition

It’s Halloween night, and all the spooks have come about. It’s like Thirteen Ghosts all over again, spookiness breaking out. The Giant went on a stroll down ol’ Elm street, in Halloweentown. The Giant hoped to get some candy, before Nightfall came around. He spotted Twitches, witches, and a Pinhead, that probably needed stitches. There was Casper, Twilight’s Jasper, and even, some familiar slashers.

The Giant ran into his friends, Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. How goes thee? The Giant asked. The pair looked sideways, pondering, with their classic masks. He bid them farewells, as they kept lookin’. Maybe, he thought, it’s because of his costume- Vampire in Brooklyn:

The Giant got a basket full of candy corn, from the Children of the Corn. He got his much needed candy, and now, he was ready for a snore. He headed home, tired from his spine-chilling day. It was time for The Conjuring of some dreams, with no sudden delay.

Good night and Happy Halloween, you Shining Writers! This Giant, hopes that any frightening dreams, are captured by the night-lighters!

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines Movie Review

This review contains minor spoilers!

Diana Prince is the hero we all need. This direct-to-video animated movie was beautiful. From the graphics, to the action-packed fight scenes(which Wonder Woman ALWAYS deliver), to the voice acting, and a magnificent script, this movie covers all the bases. If anyone’s familiar with the comics, this movie passes the torch from The New 52 to Rebirth. This movie is a prequel to the Justice League: War movie, and also a sequel to the movies that came after. This was truly a great story.

As with most of Wonder Woman’s (Rosario Dawson) stories, we have Steve Trevor (Jeffrey Donovan) crashing on Themyscira. Wonder Woman, or Diana, rescues Steve, and takes him to a chamber to be healed. In doing this, Diana breaks the oath of no man being allowed on the island, and Steve is taken prisoner. Well, this can’t stand with Diana, who breaks Steve out of prison. If there’s evil in the world, Diana is going to help fight it. Another reason why she’s awesome. She steals her armor and weapons, including the lasso of truth, which leads to an altercation with her mother, Queen Hippolyta(Cree Summer). After their little battle(yes, they battled!!), Diana is disowned and soon travels to Man’s World with Steve Trevor to fight evil. There ya’ have it, thats the premise. I know this sounds just like every Wonder Woman movie, but I promise you, this is an amazing, and refreshing story! Diana eventually goes up against most of her villains, some including Doctor Poison (Courtenay Taylor), Giganta (Kimberly Brooks) and Silver Swan (Marie Avgeropoulos) – who she battles the entire movie.

That’s not even the half of it. Diana battles most of these villains while they’re juiced up on some serum that makes them even stronger!! I mean, look at Cheetah:

Yes, Cheetah (Kimberly Brooks as well) was also in this movie! She already gives Wonder Woman a run for her money, but to be juiced up on serum that increases her strength, she was moving as fast as The Flash. No kidding. It’s Wonder Woman, though, and with thousands of years of training, she’s going to battle this one out!! This leads to her final battle, with the one and only Medusa.

Who was also juiced up on this serum!! Also, we all know if you look at Medusa (Cree Summers as well), you turn into stone. Wonder Woman did the unthinkable, and blinded herself, and went to war. This was one hell of a battle!!

I’m not going to spoil the whole movie for you guys! That wouldn’t be fair, or fun. Everyone should seriously give this movie a watch. It’s a reminder of why Wonder Woman is apart of the trinity that also includes Batman and Superman. She’s a beast and certainly a force to be reckoned with!!

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is available on digital platforms, and will be out on Blu-ray, October 22, 2019! Make sure to check out the movie, everyone! Full of great action!

Mixture of Dreams Part Sixteen (TV Edition)

It was the Emergence of a league, and justice was here. The Giant got into some trouble, and colorful superheroes appeared. Two men and a woman, saved The Giant from a giant fall! They had the look of Titans, with powers and all! The Giant took a tumble through town, and almost squashed a few people. Luckily, the superheroes appeared, before The Giant could make everyone go splat, like beetles.

One was dressed in all black, and looked like a creepy bat. The other two wore red, white and blue, with a golden lasso, to match. The Giant asked what their names were, being very intrigued. The man, with an “S” on his chest, said: “we’re the Justice League!” 💙 They smiled and flew off, and was soon out of sight. The Giant returned to his home, as it was now night.

He jumped into bed, and dreams overtook his head. Images of flying through clouds, without a worry to be said. Good night and sweet dreams, you wonderful Legendary Writers of Tomorrow! This Giant, is enjoying a state of joy, with a side of peace, combo.

Carnival Row TV Show Review Part Two

This will contain only minor spoilers.

So, I’ve finally finished the entire show, and let me tell you – this show is unpredictable, in the BEST way, and I loved every part of it!

Vignette(Cara Delevingne) and Philo(Orlando Bloom) rekindle their love, after a backstory showing why Philo originally deserted Vignette. Philo was also outed as being half fae, and then wrongly accused of being the monstrous serial killer. That too, was revealed in the season finale! Believe me everyone, it was a really good reveal!

The show also touched on an incest plot. The two sibling lovers are definitely showing elements of Cersei and Jamie Lannister from Game Of Thrones. If the two pair of siblings ever fought, it would be hard to tell who the victors would be. I’m not going to reveal who the sibling lovers are yet – it would spoil almost everything for you. Like who the killer is, motives, etc., so you guys should definitely check out the show! It’ll leave you wanting more!

The show does couples so well. Whether it’s friendships, enemies, or lovers. Speaking of, these two together are the highlights of season one, for me:

The characters, Agreus (David Gyasi) and Imogen (Tamzin Merchant) make a deal to help one another: Agreus needs accepting from the human faction, and Imogen needs money. Seems like a fair trade right? Their relationship and banter with one another is addictive, comedic, and has its fireworks. It’s one of the best storylines of the season!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a show, without a rebellion of some sorts. These guys decide they’ve had enough of the way they’re treated, and decide that it’s time to fight back, and what they start doing is shocking. You can’t really blame them. The humans are really disgusting in their treatment of the fae. I’m kind of on their side here! 🤷🏽‍♂️

So, there you have it. There are quite a few deaths, the identity of the monstrous serial killer is revealed, relationships are formed and tested, discrimination with political play is at an all time high, a new power rises, and a rebellion has begun. Looks like Season Two is going to be very explosive! Can’t wait!

Carnival Row airs on Amazon Prime Video and consists of eight episodes. It has already been renewed for a second season! If you haven’t watch this, I highly recommend that you do. With Game of Thrones gone, it’s been hard to find a really good show to watch. And now we have one! Check it out you guys!

Mixture of Dreams: Special Edition (TV and Fairytales) Part XIV

Mr. Giant had a great time with Xena & Spartacus, who enjoyed the TV show, Arrow. He felt like something was missing, like a big, Lost sparrow. Hmmm….he wondered. He felt different – like an odd Doom Patrol member. Though, soon after, sleep captured him, and a magical realm – he finally remembered!

The Giant found himself back in Storybrooke, where he ran into Jack, Jill, Snow White (who had a beautiful bird on her shoulder), and the Three Little Pigs. They all jumped for joy, when they saw The Giant, who was pretty big! The Giant smiled, and they all hugged each other. It has been so long, since they’ve seen one another!

The colorful friends walked around town, catching up. Snow White and the beautiful bird were singing, with A Smile and A Song, bringing luck. The Three Little Pigs were telling a story of another wolf attacking their blue turf, and also something about running into Smurfs! Jack and Jill were drinking water. Jill asked The Giant where he had wandered. The Giant said he’s been watching TV with his warrior friends. He felt like something was missing, and now, here he is! They all smiled, then realized it was Twilight. They all hugged, under the magical, beaming skylight. The Giant said he had to go. A little tear ran down the cheek of Ms. Snow. You will come back and visit us, right? She asked. Of course I will, this certainly isn’t the last! The Giant answered.

He returned to his beanstalk home and jumped in bed. It wasn’t long before his dreams came to an end.

Mr. Giant woke up feeling really good, again! Feeling whole, like a doctor on The Resident. He woke to the chirping sounds of a beautiful bird singing with Glee. He smiled and thought: my colorful, fairytale friends, will always and forever be, apart of me!

Sweet dreams and good night you legendary writers. This Giant, hopes that everyone’s dreams are magically brighter.