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Mixture of Dreams

Mixture of Dreams Part 21 (Mythology Edition)

The Giant was thirsty, and wanted a cup of knowledge. He thought to quench his thirst, with Deities to acknowledge. The Giant took a trip, into the wondrous world of Myths. Passion was on his mind, and he was starting from the top of Love’s list. The Giant found himself in a very enchanting realm, with joyous whelm. There was this extraordinary feeling, with colors so appealing.

The Giant walked into a warm tower, and was caught by surprise. An awe washed upon his face, of the beautiful figures he started to recognize. The Giant was in the presence of Goddesses, towering over his giant body. Five Goddesses of love, golden radiance of passion, they embodied. There was Oshun of the Orishas and Freya from Norse. Aphrodite from Greek and Hathor of Egyptian lores. In the middle sat Inanna of Sumer, who welcomed me with grace. They were all smiling, and offered some wine to taste. The Giant gladly accepted, while each Goddess told a story. He sat on the ground, blushing, excited to hear the divine auditory.

The Giant could stay here forever, though he realized it was time to go. Night was upon him, and his dreams were coming to flow. The Giant bowed, and bid the smiling Goddesses a farewell. How honored he was, being in this Utopian spell. The Giant, glowing, opened his eyes, and appeared in front of his bed. He climbed in, and soon, beautiful dreams filled his head.

Good night, and sweet dreams, you all. This Giant, hopes that warm passion fills the heart, while you stand tall.

Mixture of Dreams Part 20 (TV Edition Finale)

Once Upon A Time, it became bedtime, and the Giant was finally ready to sleep. He had a great time viewing his shows, on his big, Beanstalk TV. The Giant got to hang out with his warrior friends, Xena and Spartacus. Even his slasher friends, Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees, came over, and it was marvelous. He loved running into Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and also the trio of Super Friends, the Titan superheroes.

The Giant decided to watch one last show. He was beginning to feel the coolness of the incoming snow. He flicked through the channels, landing on Married With Children. Love and Marriage, beautiful song of one and a million. He flicked again, landing on The Golden Girls. The Giant flicked once more, this was like War of The Worlds. The indecisiveness made The Giant even more sleepy. He let out a yawwnnn, and decided to turn off the TV.

That’s all folks, enough of the animated video tunes. It was time to rest, and The Giant’s about to hit snooze. Good night, and sweet dreams, you Legendary Writers of Tomorrow. This Giant, hopes that this edition, has helped with bedtime shows, to bestow.

Mixture of Dreams Part 19 Special Halloween Edition

It’s Halloween night, and all the spooks have come about. It’s like Thirteen Ghosts all over again, spookiness breaking out. The Giant went on a stroll down ol’ Elm street, in Halloweentown. The Giant hoped to get some candy, before Nightfall came around. He spotted Twitches, witches, and a Pinhead, that probably needed stitches. There was Casper, Twilight’s Jasper, and even, some familiar slashers.

The Giant ran into his friends, Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. How goes thee? The Giant asked. The pair looked sideways, pondering, with their classic masks. He bid them farewells, as they kept lookin’. Maybe, he thought, it’s because of his costume- Vampire in Brooklyn:

The Giant got a basket full of candy corn, from the Children of the Corn. He got his much needed candy, and now, he was ready for a snore. He headed home, tired from his spine-chilling day. It was time for The Conjuring of some dreams, with no sudden delay.

Good night and Happy Halloween, you Shining Writers! This Giant, hopes that any frightening dreams, are captured by the night-lighters!

Mixture of Dreams Part 18 (TV Edition)

Whoa, what a day it was! A day full of games with assembled love. The Giant went on a big stroll through the Greenleaf woods. Only to run into marvelous heroes of good. It was a mystique set of events. The Giant ran into the Avengers, and Spiderman, who was in a webby tent.

The Giant was excited to meet The Avengers, having met other superheroes a few weeks ago. It was like being in a Disney movie, with amazing scenes to show. There was Thor, with his divine hammer, and The Hulk, who was silent with a green temper. Captain America with his shiny shield, and Quicksilver, running fast through the mightiest fields. It was magical!

After a day of games and laughter, Nightfall came about. It was time The Giant went home, and took the much needed sleep route. He thanked The Avengers for a super time! A day full of fun, and tales that shine. The Giant got home and hopped straight into bed. More cloudy adventures overtook his sleeping head.

Goodnight and sweet dreams, Legendary Writers! This Giant, hopes that you all get everything that your heart desires!

Mixture of Dreams Part Diecisiete (TV Edition)

It was a Charmed kind of night, with the cool breeze and rainbow hard leaves. The Giant was being a Daredevil, and thought he would try to sing. He was watching Glee, which gave him inspiration. He felt like he was on The Voice, his soul in liberation. The Giant belted out the lowest of the lows and the highest of the highs. Melodic notes fluctuating, like a tiger in the eye.

Soon the Giant was tired, it was the Black-ish of the night. He had a great time singing, even The Punisher would glow in light. He hit the sheets, and soon begin to dream. Good night, Legendary Writers of Tomorrow, and sweet dreams. This Giant, hopes that you all have fun and sing, about anything!

Mixture of Dreams Part Sixteen (TV Edition)

It was the Emergence of a league, and justice was here. The Giant got into some trouble, and colorful superheroes appeared. Two men and a woman, saved The Giant from a giant fall! They had the look of Titans, with powers and all! The Giant took a tumble through town, and almost squashed a few people. Luckily, the superheroes appeared, before The Giant could make everyone go splat, like beetles.

One was dressed in all black, and looked like a creepy bat. The other two wore red, white and blue, with a golden lasso, to match. The Giant asked what their names were, being very intrigued. The man, with an “S” on his chest, said: “we’re the Justice League!” 💙 They smiled and flew off, and was soon out of sight. The Giant returned to his home, as it was now night.

He jumped into bed, and dreams overtook his head. Images of flying through clouds, without a worry to be said. Good night and sweet dreams, you wonderful Legendary Writers of Tomorrow! This Giant, is enjoying a state of joy, with a side of peace, combo.

Mixture of Dreams Part Quinze (TV Edition)

It’s Halloween season; all of the horror shows and movies are coming out to play! Chucky was near, so get ready for Child’s Play! Catching up on scary TV shows has been fun. Maybe this season, the victims will gain the super Power to run?!

The Giant decided to invite his friends, Jason and Michael Myers, over to watch the “slasher” season of American Horror Story. They looked pretty ravenous, enjoying the gory.

It was a pretty cool night – watching TV with two spooky personalities. The Giant wasn’t nervous, and even better, there were no fatalities. Michael and Jason didn’t talk much, even when The Giant offered them some chocolate. Maybe they didn’t like chocolate? Maybe they would’ve said something if he offered them rockets? Who knows. The Giant shrugged. Maybe their batteries were unplugged. Either way, it was the middle of the night, and The Giant was tired. He felt like night was feeding on him, and sleep was his sire. The Giant crept to his bed while his friends kept watching American Horror Story. Michael and Jason really liked this season, feeling some kind of glory. Poor Lori. The Giant snuck out, moving fast like Finding Dory.

Good night and sweet dreams, you Legendary Writers of Tomorrow. This Giant, hopes that everyone enjoyed, this excitingly, creepy combo!

Mixture of Dreams: Special Edition (TV and Fairytales) Part XIV

Mr. Giant had a great time with Xena & Spartacus, who enjoyed the TV show, Arrow. He felt like something was missing, like a big, Lost sparrow. Hmmm….he wondered. He felt different – like an odd Doom Patrol member. Though, soon after, sleep captured him, and a magical realm – he finally remembered!

The Giant found himself back in Storybrooke, where he ran into Jack, Jill, Snow White (who had a beautiful bird on her shoulder), and the Three Little Pigs. They all jumped for joy, when they saw The Giant, who was pretty big! The Giant smiled, and they all hugged each other. It has been so long, since they’ve seen one another!

The colorful friends walked around town, catching up. Snow White and the beautiful bird were singing, with A Smile and A Song, bringing luck. The Three Little Pigs were telling a story of another wolf attacking their blue turf, and also something about running into Smurfs! Jack and Jill were drinking water. Jill asked The Giant where he had wandered. The Giant said he’s been watching TV with his warrior friends. He felt like something was missing, and now, here he is! They all smiled, then realized it was Twilight. They all hugged, under the magical, beaming skylight. The Giant said he had to go. A little tear ran down the cheek of Ms. Snow. You will come back and visit us, right? She asked. Of course I will, this certainly isn’t the last! The Giant answered.

He returned to his beanstalk home and jumped in bed. It wasn’t long before his dreams came to an end.

Mr. Giant woke up feeling really good, again! Feeling whole, like a doctor on The Resident. He woke to the chirping sounds of a beautiful bird singing with Glee. He smiled and thought: my colorful, fairytale friends, will always and forever be, apart of me!

Sweet dreams and good night you legendary writers. This Giant, hopes that everyone’s dreams are magically brighter.

Mixture of Dreams: Part Trece (TV Edition)

Fall is upon us. The Giant is very excited! All of his favorite shows are coming off of hiatus – he is so delighted! There’s many shows that he’s waiting for. Batwoman and Legacies are bringing up new lores.

The Giant decided to invite his friends, Xena and Spartacus, over to watch the magical TV box. Amazing they thought, that the magical box could talk. The Giant put on the CW show Arrow. The warriors enjoyed the fighting. Xena thought the “green warrior” was exciting. Spartacus didn’t think he was frightening. Though, they both raved about the slicing.

Night came about…and his guests were falling asleep on the couch.

The Giant thanked his friends for coming, and he happily walked them out. So tired, he knew sleep was coming about. He climbed in bed, with 13 Reasons Why, dreams filled his head. One being he was exhausted, and sleep he spotted. Good night and sweet dreams, you wonderful legendary writers. This Giant, hopes you all have a great night, especially the marvelous subscribers!

Mixture of Dreams: Part Twelve (TV Edition)

Once Upon A Time — This Giant used to be obsessed with that show. Every Sunday night, The Giant made sure to watch, with hope. Hope that everyone got their happy endings, and lived happily ever after. The Evil Queen taught us How To Get Away With Murder, becoming unoffending, and filled with laughter. The Giant loved watching Snow White and Prince Charming fight. Their love was like Black Lightning- full of light.

The Giant was wearing his colorful tunic, and rocking in his favorite green rocking chair. His eyes were as red as Archie’s (from Riverdale) hair. He decided to go to bed, as it was now night. Laying down, he started to lose sight. Dreams attacked his head. The Giant was seeing double. He even imagined Paw Patrol’s Rubble.

Good night and sweet dreams, you legendary writers! This Giant, hopes that you all have wonderful dreams, of your desires.