How do you know if what you’re pushing is right, when you’re running on a line that’s pulling life?

The push of the light, pulls thy sight; though, there are many lights. Many options.

You can push down the dark funnel, but which light tunnel to pull through?

Maybe I should push through them all, though time could pull a different call.

The push and pull effect. The blue or red pill project.

Which calls should be pushed, when the only options don’t pull?

6 thoughts on “Push/Pull

  1. Lia

    Ah yes, I hear you on this one… the ever question. Someone wise once said “when in doubt do nothing” and someone else said “quiet mind, connect with source to remove doubt”

    I too have these occasional gazes at the red and blue options, and find that red is well and good as a background light, however blue leading the way keeps it easier to act with love all right. ✨

    nicely phrased, Michael 🙌👍

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    1. Michael_Malachi Post author

      That’s really good advice, on both parts. It’s like on one side, everything that is meant to be will be, so just let things play out. But the human in me is like “do it, go to unexplored territories.” Lol And with the other, way out your options and then proceed. Sounds like a perfect time for meditation!

      I like how you put it with the red being good as a background light, and blue leading the way. It’s like how blue also represents a sense of calmness, loyalty, confidence, etc., which fits well with leading the way. Thank you for your perspective. Very thought-provoking and wise. Thank you for that. ❤️

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      1. Lia

        That’s it exactly, you’ve said exactly what I meant. You’re a wonderful listener, thank you. ❤️And thanks for this lovely post and thoughtful interaction.

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  2. charlypriest

    One commentator said “when in doubt do nothing”, I have to respectfully disagree. It is specially when in doubt when you have to act and take a decision. Will it be the right decision maybe yes and maybe no. But if you don’t make a decision there won’t be an outcome. Once there is an outcome if it´s not as you wanted you can recalibrate and try again and again. And finally you’ll get the outcome you want. But if you do nothing, then for sure there is no outcome. And people learn from failure. Ask Bill Gates how many times he failed before he became what he’s become. You think this guy that in doubt sat still and not do things? No, the guy did and did and his outcomes where bad then he recalibrated took another route learned and the rest is history. I took that extreme example of Billy the Gates, but it´s applicable to our every day to day life. Act. Never do nothing.

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    1. Michael_Malachi Post author

      Thank you for a wonderful perspective! 🙌🏾 When you said, “recalibrate and try again and again,” I felt that, and definitely agree! Using Bill Gates as an example is perfect; it’s inspiring! Thank you! 😊🙏🏽

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