Uncle Daddy; G.L.O.A.

Whitney Houston said it best. Children are the future, teach ’em well, and let them lead the way. I completely understand and agree. As a single, childless, male in my 20’s, I never understood this. I always thought kids were little aliens. Well, not really, but I wasn’t enthused. When I became an “uncle daddy” a couple years ago, raising my niece and two nephews as if they were my own, I finally started to understand. Kids are truly amazing.

Being a parent is one of the hardest things in life. You constantly worry about them. You worry about if you’re feeding them right, if you’re teaching them right, if other kids are being mean to them, if your parenting skills are up to par. I mean, you worry about everything, especially when they’re in school. You’d think them being in school would make you feel secure, but then you hear about school shootings on the news, you read articles about bullying, they experience bullying, and you comfort them. Even when they bring home school work, and it looks a little foreign to you, you do everything to make sure you’re teaching them correctly. I’m not going to lie, I would cry to myself sometimes. Though, this was all just figments of my parenting imagination.

Kids are truly miracles. When I would get overwhelmed, just looking at their faces would make me feel better. Teaching them was fun. When they smiled, because they learned something new; when they hugged you, because they’re your little pals, and you played with them, or when they asked to hear a story, and would fill the room with laughter, it is enough to melt the sun. Parenting is such a rewarding gift. Watching kids grow and use their newfound knowledge to rise above any obstacle is truly amazing. If I could rewind time, I would do it all over again.

They’re now back with their mother, my sister, and we all couldn’t be more blessed. It was an honor stepping up to not only help my sister(in probably the hardest times of her life), but also helping her children(my little hearts always), grow in life. They gifted me with something I’ll always be grateful for: experience, knowledge, and their smiles. ❤️ Greatest Love Of All. Love you babies, always and forever. – Uncle Mikey

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