One of my favorite poems that I wrote awhile ago. Just wanted to reshare. I wrote this after my “Uncle Daddy” period. It makes me smile whenever I read it. Hope it brings a little joy to anyone else that may be going through something.

Flames covering the body, swallowing it whole. Leaving nothing behind, engulfing like coal. In agonizing pain, “please let it end!” Begging of you, pleading, this pain to send. Can’t handle it anymore, can this be over? Soon, there was nothing left, the end of the loner.

Rising from the ashes, the newest beacon of hope. Appearing through the struggle, and able to cope. Existing and shifting. Radiating and collating. The Phoenix- a new visionary, unlike the ordinary. Reborn from the Heavens and Elysian Fields. A state of peace, soul being healed.

More confidence than ever, an entire world to explore. Going to live this life, and learn new lores! A feeling of Nirvana, with profound peace and love. Exuberating waves of happiness, a powerful new dove.


17 thoughts on “Emergence(Re-share)

      1. Michael_Malachi Post author

        Man, Covid…what a beast. 🤯 Thats a battle I’ve been fortunate to not face. Whew. Thank you for checking up though Matt 🙏🏽 I have a few poetic stories to tell bro, stay tuned. 😇 How are things in your neck of the woods 🙂

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      2. mattsnyder1970

        Well in a nutshell my 50th b-day last April I endured and conquered Covid. I lost 40 lbs over lockdown and then gained 30 back :(. I’ve been interviewed for an online publication, I sold some art, I designed Vans sneakers, I had three Haikus published in a print publication, I recently guest blogger a few review of Zimbabwean food near me for a Zimbabwean blog I follow, and now created a podcast where I read short stories, some of my own mostly from Authors I’ve met on WordPress.

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      3. Michael_Malachi Post author

        Thank God you conquered that battle man. Terrible you had to go through Covid, especially on your big day. How long did it take to recover? I heard it’s no joke. Glad to hear you’re healthy and doing better; 10 lbs lighter as well! Lol And wow Matt!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 Congratulations on your achievements, I’m incredibly happy for you man! Well deserved! I gotta catch your podcast. I’d love to listen and subscribe. You designed Vans also?? 🤯 Are they on your page? That’s so cool!

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      4. mattsnyder1970

        Yeah there might be a post with the Van’s but there was a shot of me wearing the shoes on our trip to rehobath beach. Thankfully I wasn’t hospitalized for covid, I had a high fever for a week was always out of breath, and during the worst of it when I tried showering I felt weak and nauseous. My brother got it too, he lost his sense of smell. After covid I never felt 100% like myself until I hot shot #2 of the vaccine. The podcast drops every Saturday.

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      5. Michael_Malachi Post author

        Glad to hear that you guys are doing better. I heard with the loss of smell that it hasn’t returned for some people. That’s gotta be scary to go through. 😬🙏🏽 I’ll definitely be checking out your podcast!

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      6. Michael_Malachi Post author

        That’s good that you had family and friends to make things easier. Glad you pulled through Matt. 🙏🏽 Sounds like a nightmare. Thank God you’re a warrior because we need Matt and that amazing podcast! 😁 Started last night and can’t stop listening. Great stuff man! 💎

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  1. the enigmatic stringer

    hello, i used to read your posts when i first joined wordpress. you haven’t posted in a while but, hope you and your family are doing ok.
    also, as far as i remember you were writing a book – how’s that going?



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