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Ever feel like you’re just floating? Like, you’re not sure if you’re coming or going? What’s up with that? Is it some kind of mental awareness I lack? Is it that I’m being whack? Fake diagnosing myself- a quack?

I know I’m better at certain things and I’m terrible at others. I like painting and writing, though I do like another. I like winning. I’m better at succeeding.

Setting goals and knocking ’em down, like bowling pins.

Maybe not succeeding the first time, so it’s time for more spins.

We gotta stop being hard on ourselves. If we don’t succeed the first time, that’s fine, we’ll know the rules next time.

I say that for myself, as well. I’d rather gain valuable knowledge, which is swell. There’s also timeless experience, with no clocks or bells.

The goal is to change my negative beliefs and grow. Morphing into an Oscar winning actor – positively giving quite the show. I know life isn’t easy, and that’s okay. I’d rather be an action packed series, with a new storyline everyday.


Walking Lights

Lights – Camera – ACTION. Glorious rainbow-ish beings of attraction.

The invisible spirit resembling the body. Emotions signifying like an ongoing hobby.

The color of heart for love and anger. A heaven of blue for loyalty, like a sky anchor.

Dressing in the sun for energy and joy. Rolling around in the grass – the relaxation of healing we enjoy.

Every time it rains, the lost floating spirits come out and play. When it stops, the visible gloating spirits look in awe, of the colorful display.

Walking luminosities and floating lights. The blending ferocities of Mother Earth’s delights.

Painted apparencies and colored transparencies.

Walking rainbows, regularly glowing. Flying embodiment of emotions, always flowing. Empathic beings, thus continually knowing. Sympathetic colorful programs, forever growing.

Dear Father

Dear Father,

I miss you everyday. Growing up without you has been tough. I don’t know if I became the man that you would’ve imagined, but I definitely tried to become the best man that’s possible. It’s been an obstacle. Not knowing what’s right or wrong. Grief eating at me, cracks in a song. A kid broken, with words unspoken.

I loved you with all of my heart. Though, as a young boy, I never quite valued your attention. As a teen, I felt like I needed you for ascension. Body changing, emotions phasing, and mind racing. Questions that I had. Curiosities like a fad. Man, I was so mad. I needed you! I missed you! I cried to the sky with emotions of blue. Candle after candle, I wished, and blew. Nothing occurred, nothing new.

An adult I became, and the days got easier. I was able to go on with your teachings, pushed to the front of my mind. The light shining on me, and I was no longer blind. I did the best that I could. I observed. I learned. I defeated every obstacle, and gained new knowledge. You’d be proud, I released the bondage! I know you’re always with me, dad. I’m no longer sad. My blood is your blood. I am your blood. You’re always with me. I’m accompanied, always, by your gift of red love.





The Shield

Things we do for the souls we love. It’s hard, ya’ know?! It’s the darkening of the dove.

Atrocities fighting through the beaming light. Can you feel it? Crushing of all the gleaming might. You’re walking on a bright ladder. The atrocities now sucking on your sight. Only the hard sacrifices will matter. No circulation for the giant kite.

Pulling every direction, weakening your strength. The whole world wants cleansing of their sin. Only you can save the treasures you love. Turning off any emotions to wear the boxing gloves.

I’ll give my all to protect the beings within thy heart. Sometimes not fighting fair, yet fighting smart. The force field of a lifetime. A darkened dove – one of a kind. Quick game of chess, and the obstacles playing checkers. Rendering them speechless, while I’m giving lectures.

Protector of the vale and soldier of one. Fighting until the opposition has fallen, and I have won. I’ll give my red beating heart to make sure that my duties are done. The golden, yet darkened shield, I was destined to become.

Soul of Entertainment

The spirit of soul, flowing through the body. Like a one-on-one with Aretha Franklin – a voice so Godly.

Without the sight of performing arts, the world would be one less shade. The Giver would be born, and we’d have to behave.

That’s no fun, as we all like to boogy. The enchanting sound of rock n’ roll, empowering us to play hooky.

Euphoric tones and refreshing melodies. Colorful orchestra and Boys II Men symphonies. Magical keys and Mariah Carey harmonies. Beautiful melodic bands, graduating from Phil Collin universities.

Entertaining and free like hippies. Rhythm and blues making us giddy. A special kind of art, that continues to involve. An expressive type of art, that’ll always evolve.


Wow, what a dream, as I open my eyes. Sun is beaming, and warming my mind. Slept all night and woke up maybe once. I remember a chapter of my dream, dreaming ’bout lunch.

Ever slept so good, you didn’t want to wake? Stretching your arms and legs, feeling like a piece of cake? All sugary and sweet, with a full nights rest. Another chapter of my dream, floating in a water nest. The more I try to remember, the quicker I forget. Doesn’t matter anyway, I’m not fully awake just yet.


A beautiful morning to start the day. Wanting to lay away and sway, on this lovely, bright Sunday.

It’s definitely starting to feel like fall, only a couple weeks left. Fall behind, spring ahead, with an extra hour rest!

I’ve now forgot my dream completely, though I know it was good. Waking up cool, with drool, and wiping it off, as I stood. Good Morning wonderful writers, on this blessed Sunday! Let’s enjoy this day, before the blah Monday! 😬❤️


The unity of birth is one of a kind. Sharing a connection throughout our time. The laughs, fights and games that we engaged in. Definitely made life more of a win.

Annoying little bugs, though I guess they’re useful. Brother and three sisters, always so truthful. Secrets shared amongst us all. Damn sister tripping me, leading me to fall. We share a connection, and that’s never going to change. If anyone dare hurt us, together we’ll come to aid. A little giant army, that only we can join. I may of even borrowed my brother’s favorite coin.

What are siblings for, if we can’t annoy and love each other?! Thankful that we all share the same wonderful mother. Memories that will have you crying. Bonding us forever – family full of tall lions.