Mixture of Dreams Part Five

Once upon a time, Nun opened the oceans. Water at last, even Poseidon helped put things in motion.

A whole new world, now in the present. Tales of the Crypt, JUST KIDDING, not in this segment. The Giant played with Ariel and Water Nixie, who came from under the sea. It’s the circle of life, and they were all free. Ariel had gadgets, and Nixie had gizmos. The Giant had a sack of beans, ready to grow. A giant, mermaid, and nix, enjoying the bare necessities. This was life, and old Mother Nature’s recipes. They splashed and laughed, with whirls of water. They even decided, to decorate the Ocean Gods altar. They bid farewells, it was the senescent of night. Part of their world, it was so bright.

The Giant was exhausted, jumping in his bed. Dreams soon came about, filling his head. He dreamed of water bending, on the canoe. All he needed was Avatar Aang, apart of this crew. Sweet dreams, goodnight, and ciao, my friends. This Giant, is about to transcend.

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