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Mixture of Dreams Part 21 (Mythology Edition)

The Giant was thirsty, and wanted a cup of knowledge. He thought to quench his thirst, with Deities to acknowledge. The Giant took a trip, into the wondrous world of Myths. Passion was on his mind, and he was starting from the top of Love’s list. The Giant found himself in a very enchanting realm, with joyous whelm. There was this extraordinary feeling, with colors so appealing.

The Giant walked into a warm tower, and was caught by surprise. An awe washed upon his face, of the beautiful figures he started to recognize. The Giant was in the presence of Goddesses, towering over his giant body. Five Goddesses of love, golden radiance of passion, they embodied. There was Oshun of the Orishas and Freya from Norse. Aphrodite from Greek and Hathor of Egyptian lores. In the middle sat Inanna of Sumer, who welcomed me with grace. They were all smiling, and offered some wine to taste. The Giant gladly accepted, while each Goddess told a story. He sat on the ground, blushing, excited to hear the divine auditory.

The Giant could stay here forever, though he realized it was time to go. Night was upon him, and his dreams were coming to flow. The Giant bowed, and bid the smiling Goddesses a farewell. How honored he was, being in this Utopian spell. The Giant, glowing, opened his eyes, and appeared in front of his bed. He climbed in, and soon, beautiful dreams filled his head.

Good night, and sweet dreams, you all. This Giant, hopes that warm passion fills the heart, while you stand tall.


Why so much hate? We live in a world that is at constant war. Is peace real? Maybe for some, though for others, it’s a constant battle. It even gets around, and it travels.

The thought of peace. The calmness in a dream. The tranquility when peace clings. To say the least, that union has a ring. Please, let harmony sing!

Preach – praying, can peace be a thing?!

I yearn for it. I’d fight for it. I’ll even die for it. It’ll be worth the truce after it.

Peace, be still!

Could the beauty of the sea be sheer? Would the breathable air be clear? Should the beaming Earth be a neutral peer?

Shall the unbearable fire cleanse the insincere?

Please…let peace be near. ☮️






A Perfect World

With the blessings of Olurun, the world can be. Joining in the light, the moons of Changxi. The ceremony was ravishing, as told by Anansi. The essence of beauty, touched by Aphrodite.

A marvelous gathering, created by Vishnu. With the following of thunder, led by Zeus. The magical aura filled by Hecate. With a touch of sunshine, from King Frey. Water dancing in the air, thanks to Aegir. Drinks from Dionysus, wine and beer.

A harmonious, mythological experience; it’s definitely one of a kind. Like a story by Thoth, penetrating the mind. A ceremony of the ages. Chapters with multiple pages. This tale will carry on in the Heavens. A New Testament, with multiple blessings.



Building blocks, ticking clocks, melodies so high.

Lightning speeds, input seeds, tones to amplify.

Chapters of long, pages of song, letters turn to words.

Words of fun, speeches of pun, voice to be heard.

My timbre prolong, my note ready, shadow be so daring.

My sound is strong, my delivery is steady, bursting out the larynx.

Now it’s free, hopefully a treat, the musical clock spinning in tune.

Now everyone can see, hopefully something unique, a sound block releasing the typhoon.


Flames covering the body, swallowing it whole. Leaving nothing behind, engulfing like coal. In agonizing pain, “please let it end!” Begging of you, pleading, this pain to send. Can’t handle it anymore, can this be over? Soon, there was nothing left, the end of the loner.

Rising from the ashes, the newest beacon of hope. Appearing through the struggle, and able to cope. Existing and shifting. Radiating and collating. The Phoenix- a new visionary, unlike the ordinary. Reborn from the Heavens and Elysian Fields. A state of peace, soul being healed.

More confidence than ever, an entire world to explore. Going to live this life, and learn new lores! A feeling of Nirvana, with profound peace and love. Exuberating waves of happiness, a powerful new dove.

Rhythm & Blues

Radiating waves that colors the soul. Surfing the motions, and riding to the shoal.

Taking you on a uniquely, puzzling trip. One that’ll have you rocking those hips.

Evolving throughout the ages, to comfort your heart. Elevating times of history, with countless shades of art.

Fondness, tenderness, and feelings of static. Creating strong shocks of emotions, flowing like magic.

Music as we know it, has never been sweeter. Creating unity, creating a healer.

Random of the Day: Inspiration

A good morning, inspirational post, I found on Facebook.

Maya Angelou was, and will always be, a true inspirational role model! Truly, one of a kind.

I found this one on Instagram. Both posts go hand to hand with a strong message – As long as you’re aware of who you are, nothing or no one can disrupt your peace. Remember that you deserve to be happy, and that you deserve happiness! 💪🏾 Blessings and love to all of you wonderful writers!

Mixture of Dreams Part Siete

The Giant rocks in the tree top, all day long. He was getting drowsy, time to change that song. The “itsy bitsy” Giant went up the water spout, down came the rain, and knocked the Giant out. He looked around embarrassed, hoping no one was near. He tried to “play it off,” releasing a laughing tear. The Giant decided to call it a night, it was pretty early. He headed back to his treetop, with a knot so burly.

It was back to rock-a-bye Giant, on the bean-stock tree top. Having a sense of deja vu, already seeing this backdrop. He laid on his iron bed, his essence drifting into idyll. This Giant, wants all of your dreams, to be colorfully vital.


Can we travel to an unworldly level of peace? Unbounded by the elusive levels of belief.

With an array of colors, smelling of gold. With a touch of certainty, may we be so bold.

Will the waters smell like rose flowers? Will our imaginations be diamond towers?

Maybe we can touch each other’s soul, and revel. Maybe we can soar to a new, conceptualizing level.

Would you be so courageous, in saying, yes? Can you make that choice, and let our dreams fluoresce?