Random of the Day: Changing

Meditating has really changed my life. Before meditating, my temper was a little unbecoming, I let little things bother me, was easily distracted, very distrustful, you name it. My story is like everyone else’s. You go through things in life, it changes you for the good or the bad. When I realized I was stuck in a stump, I decided to change. Not only my surroundings, but my way of thinking, my diet, became an Herbalist, started meditating, and embraced everything nature…well except insects, or anything with a lot of legs. I almost died the other day when a spider was on me. Still haven’t changed my way of thinking with that, yet… Picking up meditating, it’s mellowed me out dramatically. When things start to bother me, I take a breathe and feel full of life. It’s like this newfound happiness. I love it!!

I read a blog a few weeks ago, which argued that we actually have three brains: heart, gut and brain. I implemented this into my meditation, and wow, It’s been a wonderful experience. It’s as if my psyche has been injected with a dose of utopia. Gave me a new outlook on meditation.

This is my random thoughts of the day…change has been a blessing. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I’m very thankful and happy, and just wanted to share some peace, love and happiness. ❤️

2 thoughts on “Random of the Day: Changing

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