Before and After

Before, nothing can phase you. You walk as if the world is yours, as if it was made for you. Every turn you take, every step you make, is by your own accord. You’re an untasted, unseasoned, untamed, work of pride. You can let go easily. You can eat anything, you can sing anything, and you explain anything. Before, everything seemed like a free for all.

After, life starts to phase you. You feel the youth being slowly drained from you. Things hurt. Your heart gets broken. Your head starts spinning. Your gut starts growing. The free for all you once took for granted now has to be paid for. Music has more meaning, listening has become a new trait, you now experience life through your soul, and one wrong move will tear you to pieces. You’re cautiously aware. After, you see everything as connected, everything is shared, and this Earth was made for me and you.

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