Learning to let go and Take In

Learning to let go is one of the biggest challenges we all face. “The hardest thing about life is living.” A quote I heard on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, years ago. This quote has always stuck with me. Living life to the fullest is our gift. Learning to let go is apart of the journey. Evolution is mandatory. We all must let go of our past-selves, to make room for our better futures. Growth is fun. Growth is unexpected. Growth is exhilarating! Once we’ve mastered the art of conquering new knowledge, nothing will ever get in the way of letting go and taking in new experiences.

Anything can grow. Whether it’s finding an old piece of furniture, and restoring it to perfection; maybe writing a paragraph, just for it to turn into a best seller, one of a kind, novel; maybe even changing your diet to update your current nature, letting go of prepared, unhealthy processed foods, to more stimulating fresh foods.

Choice is our greatest gift. It’s never too late to choose, to let go, or to take in. The choice is yours.

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