What am I?

You ever feel like you don’t belong? Like everyone fits together perfectly to form a huge puzzle, and your piece doesn’t quite fit? Like a couch where you can’t sit? Maybe a checkers game with red and black chips, though your chip is purple. Do you…catch my drift?

What am I, I ask? Am I a color and/or a fairy, but noooo, isn’t that too wary? You see, it constantly varies. It’s too contrary. Am I a giant or troll? No, that can’t be, I like to sometimes hide in a hole.

Am I a singer or dancer? Yessss, wait no, come on man, what’s the answer?! Am I everything under the sun? Yes that’s it, ya’ see,…catch my pun?

What am I, I ask? Maybe it’s journey time, for a new mask.

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