Middle Child

The middle child. Always the balancer. We can be the mediators, or we can be the scissors. We’re born with the super powers of not caring, and yet caring too much. We’re like Gemini’s, being two sticky parts in one. We’re the median. We like to be alone, yet also apart of the crowd. We too, can be a little proud.

Not as dedicated as the oldest, and not as carefree as the youngest. We can be the boldest, and certainly not the dumbest. There’s yin and yang, and we’re the box. We can’t be held down by any lock. It’s halfway fun! The trigger to a gun. No one expects it because we’re blind to the visible. We’re central gems and very formidable!

We piece together two ends of a spectrum. Being in the middle, being the septum. Gaining knowledge between both sides, learning it all. We can turn the tides, if someone shall fall. Loyalists that combines the divide. We are walking glue sticks, and the perfect guides. Middle children, what a great group! Tying the sibling knots – we complete the loop. ❤️💍💙





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11 thoughts on “Middle Child

  1. Moylom Art Studio


    Many years ago I read the book ‘The Birth Order Effect: Why You Are The Way You Are by Dr Kevin. Leman. It spoke of all a person’s characteristics pertaining to birth order. I found it thoroughly fascinating. I later used that knowledge to help me better understand employees and coworkers. I even used it to help me formulate interview questions to see how best a prospective employee would fit into my company and add value.

    Thanks for sharing your take on the middle child. Good read. Hope you’re having a great day! 🙂

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    1. Michael_Malachi Post author

      Oh, that’s really cool! Was it easier to interview and hire people after the read? That’s really awesome how you used the birth order for hiring. I’m about to look up the book now. Thank you for the info! Was I close to the traits of a middle child?! Lol


      1. Moylom Art Studio

        After I read the book I started to do more research. I read a few articles on how businesses used the info and thought it was a good idea.

        Learning a person’s birth order and how they related to their siblings helped me understand how to place them in an appropriate roll that was more suited to their personality.

        Placing a person in a roll that is not necessarily right for them allows growth but also creates anxiety. However, if an employee is in a roll that suits their personality or way of thinking, they well excel.

        Creating a team of excellent workers with particular strengths allows for a solid foundation to stand on. A full staff of subpar workers only creates stress for everyone which also translates to a toxic work atmosphere of unhappy workers. Employees want to feel like their contributions make a difference. They want to know they are valued. Customers will notice the difference too!

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