Wow, what a dream, as I open my eyes. Sun is beaming, and warming my mind. Slept all night and woke up maybe once. I remember a chapter of my dream, dreaming ’bout lunch.

Ever slept so good, you didn’t want to wake? Stretching your arms and legs, feeling like a piece of cake? All sugary and sweet, with a full nights rest. Another chapter of my dream, floating in a water nest. The more I try to remember, the quicker I forget. Doesn’t matter anyway, I’m not fully awake just yet.


A beautiful morning to start the day. Wanting to lay away and sway, on this lovely, bright Sunday.

It’s definitely starting to feel like fall, only a couple weeks left. Fall behind, spring ahead, with an extra hour rest!

I’ve now forgot my dream completely, though I know it was good. Waking up cool, with drool, and wiping it off, as I stood. Good Morning wonderful writers, on this blessed Sunday! Let’s enjoy this day, before the blah Monday! 😬❤️

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