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Mixture of Dreams Part Diecisiete (TV Edition)

It was a Charmed kind of night, with the cool breeze and rainbow hard leaves. The Giant was being a Daredevil, and thought he would try to sing. He was watching Glee, which gave him inspiration. He felt like he was on The Voice, his soul in liberation. The Giant belted out the lowest of the lows and the highest of the highs. Melodic notes fluctuating, like a tiger in the eye.

Soon the Giant was tired, it was the Black-ish of the night. He had a great time singing, even The Punisher would glow in light. He hit the sheets, and soon begin to dream. Good night, Legendary Writers of Tomorrow, and sweet dreams. This Giant, hopes that you all have fun and sing, about anything!

The Screen

Peaking through the television, crystal screen displaying a brown room. Retro programs hanging, ranging, after pressing the zoom.

Colorful artwork all around the rectangular space. Wall of familial pictures, with gold furniture complimenting the teal case.

Zooming further into the artsy, rectangular room, the scene becomes more intriguing. Decorative, collectible figures, on a shelf, looking like they’re singing.

What a scene. View so keen. Everything with a meaning. It’s all so visible, a wonderful screening.

Transmitting back in the telly. Signal high, images on the belly. Programs to flow and people to show. Zooming out of the brown room. That’s all folks. Modern artwork, time to resume.

The Boys TV Show Review

This Review contains spoilers! 🤞🏾Read at your own accord, though I’ve warned.

OMG, this show is…it’s so…it’s just…whatever you think about traditional superheroes – how they’re suppose to act, treat people, etc., just forget it all. These are not your traditional superheroes. This show is really something else, and a welcoming surprise. To put it lightly, these are super-powered beings that are dressed in superhero costumes. Super, but not really heroes. The super-powered people are basically cash cropping political figures, owned by a powerful corporation. To top it off, there are Vigilantes (our protagonists) who decide to fight these super-powered people! Talk about role reversals.

The Boys, based on the comics of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, is an Amazon Prime Web Series created by Eric Kripke. Did I mention it’s a welcoming surprise? I’ve already watched it twice, and the second time was as unbelievable as the first.

The streaming apps are on fire with TV shows. Netflix has Stranger Things, Hulu has The Handmaid’s Tale, and Amazon has this bloody work of art.

These are our Vigilantes, and in a sense, the real superheroes of the show. Although their methods are a little unethical. It’s the lesser of two evils, I suppose (they’re NO WHERE near as bad as the super, non heroes). Their causes are justified, especially against the super powered people.

Take for example, Hugh “Hughie” Campbell (played by Jack Quaid), our main protagonist:

Hughie starts off as your ordinary person. He works in a store, pretty good at what he does, has a girlfriend; you know, the works. Things quickly takes a turn for the worse when one of the super powered people RUNS through his girlfriend and obliterates her. Like literally, runs through this poor girl. This is pretty much how it went:

Yes, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. The Boy’s version of The Flash, aka A-Train (Jessie T. Usher), literally ran through a girl. Heroes don’t do that! Even worse, Hughie was still holding her dead hands!! 🤷🏽‍♂️😯 From there, Hughie suffers from PTSD, and soon gets an offer to join our vigilantes, “The Boys.”

The Boys are led by Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), a calculated, sort of asshole-ish, man that despises super-powered people. He’s the one who gets The Boys together to fight the super powered beings known as The Seven!

This is The Seven. That one guy isn’t missing his head, he’s just invisible! 😉 The Seven all have super powers, and doesn’t hold back with using them! Take Homelander (Antony Starr), for instance, pictured below with Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott):

Homelander is the amalgamation of Captain America and Superman. He’s actually pretty scary – you never know what he’ll do, and he’s unstoppable. One moment he’s laughing with you. The next he’s stepping on your head, or frying your brains out with his heat vision. He’s very menacing. Creepy stuff. Queen Maeve, pictured with him, is a spinoff of Wonder Woman. She’s over the “superhero” life, and drinks her worries away.

There’s also an Aquaman type character, called “The Deep (Chace Crawford).” 😂

He’s the punching bag of the group. It’s pretty funny. Pre Jason Momoa Aquaman was always a punching bag. This character represents that perfectly. Has anyone ever watched the clip of Robot Chicken with Aquaman being made fun of? Just imagine that clip for “The Deep.” 😂

This is our forbidden love on the show. Hughie, a member of The Boys, and Starlight (Erin Moriarty), a member of The Seven. She’s probably the only actual superhero of the group.

There’s also super-powered babies! This show certainly has everything. Wait until you see how Butcher uses this particular baby. Good stuff, you guys!

The Boys is currently on its first season, and it has been renewed for a second! It’s available to stream on Amazon Prime! Everyone should check it out. It’s unique, in a way that it breaks away from traditional superhero stories. It’s dark, I mean, verrrrry dark. It’s gory, a lot of blood. It’s very funny, full of comedy, action-based, awesome fight scenes, and more! If you’re looking for something new to watch, definitely check out this show! Be prepared to see a lot of blood!