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Throwback Thursday – Scar

In honor of “Throwback Thursday,” I wanted to share one of my earlier poems. I really liked writing this one. I had the past on my mind. Writing helped me during a tough time! ❤️💙

I gave it my all. Answered every call. You still hurt me, led me to fall.

The agonizing pain, the terrorizing stain, the indulging rain, the overthinking brain. And for what gain?

It’s like you were in this for the win, in it for my loss, in it for the thrill, whatever the cause.

I fought for you. Did you fight for me? I thought we grew. Did you purposely put me under the scree?

The pain, I wouldn’t wish it on an enemy. The entity, no empathy, loss of equity, changes in entropy.

Whatever the case, I moved away. No time for additional mistakes, my imagination was at stake.

My voice, released from the urn. My essence, making a return. I almost gave up my power. The elements spoke, there’s still much to learn.


Wanting to scream and cry at the same time. The pain, the hurt, is too much to abide by. Wondering, did I do something to offend? Thinking, I must’ve committed the biggest sin. Trying to find something to distract me; trying to deflect the pain like hide and seek. It doesn’t seem to ease. It doesn’t want to be pleased. I try everything, yet the rain keeps pouring. The umbrella losing its wings and soaring. Walking alone in a world full of shadows. Tip toeing, not wanting to be in anymore battles. The rain subsides and I feel drained. My favorite shirt, now stained.

It’s okay, this too shall pass. Knowing I can wear another shirt, knowing nothing lasts. The monster being beat back. The poison it lacks. It lurks in the shadows, waiting for another time to come. This battle, I can proudly say, I have won.