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I Love You

I love you. I love your mind, body, soul and energy. I love your mood swings, I love that you like scary movies, I love your high-class ways. I love that you’re different. I love that you’re down to earth. I love that you’re humble. I love that you’re also a giant. You’re my everything. You’re my mind. Without you, I wouldn’t know what to do. When I first met you, I knew we were going to grow old together. I knew we were going to sail the world together, to explore together. Without you, I would probably go crazy. I’d go insane.

You’re my world. You make my wings unfurl. When I meditate, I never hesitate, to make our dreams a date, my beautiful mate. You’re my real love, that I always speak of, my delicate suede dove.

I know we’re going to grow old together. As I look in the mirror, I dedicate this to you, the person looking back at me. My projection, my affection, or myself, the reflection.

True love resides in me. As long as I keep my energy clean, my spirits high, my mind clear, and my body fly, nothing will ever disrupt my peace. Love is my release. 🤞🏾❤️

Uncle Daddy; G.L.O.A.

Whitney Houston said it best. Children are the future. Teach ’em well, and let them lead the way. I completely understand and agree. As a single, childless, male in my 20’s, I never understood this. I always thought kids were little aliens. Well, not really, but I wasn’t enthused. When I became an “uncle daddy” a couple years ago, raising my niece and two nephews as if they were my own, I finally started to understand. Kids are truly amazing.

Being a parent is definitely a rewarding challenge. You constantly worry about them. You worry about if you’re feeding them right, if you’re teaching them right, if other kids are being mean to them, if your parenting skills are up to par. I mean, you worry about everything, especially when they’re in school. You hear about school shootings on the news, you read articles about bullying (experiencing bullying), and it makes you worry. When they bring home their homework, and it looks a little foreign to you, you do everything to make sure you’re teaching them correctly. I’m not going to lie, I would cry sometimes. Though, this was all just figments of my parenting imagination.

Kids are truly miracles. When I would get overwhelmed, just looking at their faces would make me feel better. Teaching them was fun. Everytime they learned something new, it was a joy seeing their excited faces. The surprise hugs they’d give, because they’re your little pals. When they wanted to hear a story, and would fill the room with laughter- it’s enough to melt the sun. Parenting is such a rewarding gift. Watching kids grow and use their newfound knowledge to rise above any obstacle is truly amazing. If I could rewind time, I would do it all over again.

They’re now back with their mother, my sister, and we all couldn’t be more blessed. It was an honor stepping up to not only help my sister(in probably the hardest times of her life), but also helping her children(my little hearts always), grow in life. They gifted me with something I’ll always be grateful for: experience, knowledge, and their smiles. ❤️ Greatest Love Of All. Love you babies, always and forever. – Uncle Mikey

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the giant, ready to fall? All the kings horses, and all the kings men, struggled to wake him up again.

His eyes were now closed, as he snuggled in the bed. Dreams quickly arose…with roses of red.

The violets were blue, he envisioned passionately, sweet dreams, to each and everyone, of you! ❤️💙

What am I?

You ever feel like you don’t belong? Like everyone fits together perfectly to form a huge puzzle, and your piece doesn’t quite fit? Like a couch where you can’t sit? Maybe a checkers game with red and black chips, though your chip is purple. Do you…catch my drift?

What am I, I ask? Am I a color and/or a fairy, but noooo, isn’t that too wary? You see, it constantly varies. It’s too contrary. Am I a giant or troll? No, that can’t be, I like to sometimes hide in a hole.

Am I a singer or dancer? Yessss, wait no, come on man, what’s the answer?! Am I everything under the sun? Yes that’s it, ya’ see,…catch my pun?

What am I, I ask? Maybe it’s journey time, for a new mask.

My Flowers

Little history about this. It’s common to go out and buy flowers for your mom, significant other, spouse, or partner; anyone you care about. I decided to paint a flower instead. Something you can have forever. This was going to be a gift, though I held on to it. Its a reminder of reclaiming my art, my power, my time.

This was very fun to paint, and I’ll probably paint a matching set..call it the “flower-power” set…or maybe something less cheesy. 🤞🏾❤️

You Tried…

You tried to destroy me, it didn’t work, and I became free.

You tried to belittle me, I gave it back, with a few extra reads.

You tried to hurt me, a few times, and I made you bleed.

You tried to manipulate me, after I forgave you, like I couldn’t see.

You tried to alienate me, which you succeeded, though I still gathered my strength to flee.

You tried to take away power from me, though I was stronger, and you couldn’t believe.

You tried to underestimate me, though I had to show you who was the interviewee.

You tried to win, over me, and yet, you ended up losing my key.

You tried to hide who you really were from me, and in the end, time always reveal the tea. ☕️

House of Shades 🖤💛

Funny how everything appears to be. We perceive everything as either dark or light, leaving out everything in-between. People are divided as Angels or Demons; early birds or night owls. Yin and Yang, proper or slang. Religious or not, paganism forgot. Gay and straight, bisexual no way. We choose favorite colors, we choose favorite foods, we choose favorite lovers. Would it be possible not to choose? Some of us don’t have a favorite color, don’t consider ourselves an Angel or Demon, don’t have a specified religion, but are religious, even being somewhat Pagan, though not prodigious. Why be grouped into a box, when we can create the box?

This is why I’m an Omnist. I don’t need to be grouped to fit in. I enjoy my own party. We’re not all night or day. I love when the sun is shining, and I love when the moon is high. Different parts of me come out. Black makes me feel sexy, white makes me feel sexy. I’m curious about everything in life, even if I’ll never know everything, I won’t limit my imagination to one category, to one shade. Life is a journey, and with each turn, you open a new shade-less door.

Forrest Gump had the right philosophy: life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. 🗣🧡💜❤️💛🔥