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Mixture of Dreams Part Four

knock. Knock. KNOCK. The Giant heard at the door. Who is it, he asked? “It’s the Three Little Pigs, and we’re bored.” The Giant let them in, from out of the forrest. Large, medium and small, he fixed them some porridge. They ate and laughed, and told funny stories. Something about the Pigs being a wolf’s quarries. The Giant told them about the wolf in the woods. And how… he ate Lil Red Riding Hood. The Pigs looked in fear, and wanted to call it a night. The Giant offered a ride in the Nautilus boat, it was only right.

*Row…*row..*row..the boat, gently down the stream. Three Pigs and a Giant, wow, they were quite the team. They passed Londons bridge, which was falling down. Finally arriving, in old Storybrook town. Straw, sticks and bricks, their houses appear. Fee-fi-fo-fum, The Giant sensed night was near.

The Giant bid farewell, and left the old town’s road. He was so tired, he could kiss a toad. He had a lot of fun, it was stellar. To his surprise, being quite the storyteller. The Giant got home, and went straight for his bed. And soon he was out, like the horseman’s head. The exhausted Giant, dreamed of flying sabers of light. Sweet dreams you all, this Giant, wants you all to have a wonderful night.

American Gods —Review

This Review contains spoilers! 🤞🏾Read at your own accord, though I’ve warned.

Season One and Season Two

Rarely nowadays, has a show had me so intrigued with the storyline, that I’m glued to the TV every week. I realize that that’s how we had to watch shows before the Netflix/Hulu era, but come on, we all can agree that binge watching is much more convenient and fun! It’s also cheaper. I stopped paying for cable years ago, though thanks to my grandmother being in the golden ages, I’m able to enjoy her cable, with her cooking. Love you grandma! Based on the extraordinary Neil Gaimam’s book with the same name, STARZ really has a gem with this show. Developed by Michael Green and Bryan Fuller, American Gods tells the story of Shadow Moon. Shadow Moon is released from prison, and he soon meets the con-man, Mr Wednesday. Shadow’s life starts spiraling out of control. His wife, Laura Moon, dies in a car accident, while having an affair with his best friend, who also dies in the accident. She’s soon brought back to life, to the shock and confusion of Shadow. Throughout Mr. Wednesday’s escapades, Shadow is introduced to different Old Gods like Chernobog(Slavic religion) and Mad Sweeney(Irish). He encounters the New Gods like Media(Goddess of Media), Technical Boy(Tech God), and even Mr. World himself(leader of the new Gods). He becomes intertwined in a battle between the Old Gods and New Gods. This show is ideal for everyone, though if you are keen on mythologies and religions, you’d especially LOVE this. This show incorporates Gods from all different types of mythologies and religions.

You have every deity from Thoth (Egyptian mythology) to Jesus Christ himself. This show also incorporates Odin(Norse God), Bilquis(Hebrew Queen of Sheba/Goddess of Love), Anubis(Egyptian God), to Mama Ji/Kali(Hindu Goddess).The cinematography and graphics are breathtaking. The storylines in season one and two are exhilarating. And can I just say, Gillian Anderson’s character Media is spectacular. Though the character is played by a different actress in season two, who’s also amazing, Gillian’s Media definitely stole every scene she was in. Such a marvelous actress. Between the season one scene with Bilquis, played by the gorgeous Yetide Badaki, who’s vagina literally sucked a man into her……paradise, to the Mr. Wednesday reveal as Odin scene, season one was spectacular and will definitely have you on the edge of your seats. How could I forget the awesome Mr. Nancy(Anansi, the spider trickster God), who starts almost every one of his scenes with thought-provoking, hardening, and revelatory stories. Season two is just as extraordinary and introduces even MORE Gods!!

What I love about this show is that it’s all based on beliefs. With many myths and religions, this show explains how if you believe in it, you’re essentially bringing it to life. That’s what American Gods does wonderfully. It explains how human beliefs are very powerful, and we can take them wherever we go.

If you haven’t watched this show, I definitely recommend you do! If mythologies and religion isn’t your thing, that’s okay, you’ll definitely enjoy the comedy, drama, and action this show offers. The scenery is beautiful, the acting is superb, and the characters are so complex and enjoyable, you won’t know who to root for. Thank you Neil Gaiman for this work of art, and to the show creators for bringing it to life! Definitely worth a watch.

Although the show is currently on hiatus, it usually airs Sundays at 9:00 PM/ET. Perfect time to catch up before the new season starts!

Mixture of Dreams Part Tres

The hills are alive, with the sound of music. The Giant jumped for joy, wearing his colorful tunic. He sang and danced, with expressions of charm. Even wandering, to Old MacDonald’s farm. The Giant saw the chickens, and they clucked with a bam. Mary clapped along, with her beautiful little lamb. Bella and Edward, appeared in sight. Twilight was here, and so comes night.

The Giant went home, filled with joy and wonder. He felt so powerful, almost like Zeus’ thunder. It was a whole new world, that he got to be apart of. This Giant…may of even fallen in love. Bedtime it was, as he jumped in the bed. Hush little Giant, he thought in his head. Dreams came about, sunshines of grey. He slept happily, hoping this feeling, never goes away.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu. Sweet dreams my friends, sending much love to all of you.

Dream Come True

Growing up, while in school, I’ve always said that I wanted to have my own chalkboard. Something that I don’t have to plug in, and have a cord.

So as I got older, and decided to take up painting. I told myself that I’m going to paint my own, and started creating.

Now I’m free to write or draw, whatever I want. Letting my mind wander, and go for a jaunt.

Easy cleanup, with water and a dish, and now I’ve fulfilled, my own little wish. 😍😍🔥

Words To Live By

I’ve thought a lot about this quote, and it speaks to me on so many levels. In my post, “Uncle Daddy; G.O.A.T.” from yesterday, I explain how I went from a single, childless man in my 20’s, to a father of three wonderful kids, my niece and two nephews. Now, I didn’t mention that before I became an “Uncle Daddy,” I thought I knew everything. You couldn’t tell me anything. I used the experience and knowledge that I had obtained, to validate anything and everything. My grades in college were exceptional, I had a great managerial position, and I used an extensive vocabulary, or “big words,” to validate my beliefs. Basically, to insert a little slang, and idiom, I thought my shit didn’t stink. Well, once I became a parent, I became a little more humble. You see, some things you can’t read in a book, you have to experience it with an open-mind. Would you reread that again?! That’s why I live by this quote now. And same for this quote:

I’ve learned that as long as we’re willing to learn about something, without preconceived notions, life would give us more ideal promotions.

Thinking that we know how this world works will only limit our ability to adapt, interact, and learn, new facts.

Life is our greatest teacher. With an open-mind, we should all learn from each other, grow with each other, and experience new life with each other. That’s what these quotes meant to me. I love meeting new people, and the ones I’ve met on this site have been amazing, wonderful, and already taught me new knowledge. ❤️🤞🏾

Mixture of Dreams Part 2

Jack and Jill, went up the hill, to fetch their friend, the big-hearted Giant. They played around, laughed aloud, and soon, the sun started to travel down.

With a smile and a song, the night pressed along. The moon transpired, and so..Jack, Jill and the Giant, became very tired. The Giant watched his friends travel down the hill, though Jack fell down. The Giant roared in laughter, and Jack frowned. They sang twinkle twinkle little star, on par, and soon was out of sight. The Giant envisioned such a tumultuous, memorable night.

The Giant, now beautifully dreaming, did not make one peep. A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep. He dreamed of rock-a-bye baby, in the beanstalk tree top. So long, sweet dreams, and good night. You wonderful, literary lot. 💚💛💜