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How do you know if what you’re pushing is right, when you’re running on a line that’s pulling life?

The push of the light, pulls thy sight; though, there are many lights. Many options.

You can push down the dark funnel, but which light tunnel to pull through?

Maybe I should push through them all, though time could pull a different call.

The push and pull effect. The blue or red pill project.

Which calls should be pushed, when the only options don’t pull?


Survival of the fittest, and the winners take all. Are we the winners? Looks like the tournament has ended, and the talking medals, have received the final call.

The shiny deeds that we win. Radiant embodiments dipped in skin. Objects that are covered in print. Prizes that are well spent. Hearts, with a touch of sin. Yearning shapes from within.

The plant next to you, holding your hand. Nature’s blessing and gift. The investment of square land. Cups that can’t be held apart. After the game, it’s a victory of hearts.

Trophies, rewards that we hold closely.







I don’t want to hurt for someone’s sins. Envy will start war between brothers. Gluttony will take food from others. Lust will have one looking at another. Sloth may have one hiding under a cover. Wrath would tempt a war between lovers. Greed turns the truth undercover. Pride turns the lie into wonder.

Why does it matter what anyone does in their time? Believe me, to each their own. Just as long as it’s not causing harm. What’s it to some people? How is it affecting them? How is your effect going to change people’s affections?

Different scenes with a million and one beliefs, and yet, we’re living in blind action. A disconnected unity of factions. Is that the attraction?






Throwback Thursday: Birthday in ‘17.

In honor of “Throwback Thursday,” I wanted to share a picture that I hold dear to my heart. It’s a picture that I took with my mother and grandmother – two people that mean the world to me. Without these two, I wouldn’t be here now.

My mother, the woman who gave birth to me, and raised me to be the best man that I could be. My grandmother, the kindest woman I know, who gave birth to my mother, and is the most caring, humble, loving person, that I know. I love them from the moon and back!

They surprised me on my birthday, the day of this photograph, and took me out to eat. 💙 One of the best days of my life.

Ps- It’s not my birthday yet, I just love this photo! ❤️❤️🙏🏽

Furniture Artwork

Furniture Artwork: “My Flower” – Table

I’ve been in a reposting mood lately. I wanted to share this again, because I plan on turning this into a vanity chair soon. 💙 My niece has a vanity that I painted stone blue, and I think this’ll go with it perfectly! I’ll be posting the finished chair as soon as it’s complete.👌🏾🙏🏽