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Words are very powerful. Whenever we speak, whenever we tell a story, we are casting literary allusions. Your emotions may feel inclusive, yet the words could portray delusion.

It’s fun learning multiple words for literary casting. Like being casted in roles that are small, or everlasting.

Same words may mean different things. Kneeling down on one knee, with jewelry, or maybe the phone rings. Maybe a story with good tea, without the beverage drink. Beautiful sounds to hear. With lovely waves coming from near or over here. Get what I mean? An average scene, with a powerful routine.

Words are powerful. Every letter is very colorful. Literary allusions, very superstructural. Cultures full of literary art are magnifying, and wonderful!

Fresh Week

Monday’s here, and it’s time for a fresh week. A new journey will arise, and our eyes will seek.

Working on another mission. Time is the perfect commission.

Life is an adventure, the cost being fear. Perfect time to go bankrupt, strength becoming a new career.

Growing a positive mindset, with optimism overtaking the brain. Washing away any negative behaviorism, with pessimism going down the drain.

Today will be a great day. A new week for a fresh say! Let’s have a creative buffet. New possibilities along the way!

Mixture of Dreams: Part Trece (TV Edition)

Fall is upon us. The Giant is very excited! All of his favorite shows are coming off of hiatus – he is so delighted! There’s many shows that he’s waiting for. Batwoman and Legacies are bringing up new lores.

The Giant decided to invite his friends, Xena and Spartacus, over to watch the magical TV box. Amazing they thought, that the magical box could talk. The Giant put on the CW show Arrow. The warriors enjoyed the fighting. Xena thought the “green warrior” was exciting. Spartacus didn’t think he was frightening. Though, they both raved about the slicing.

Night came about…and his guests were falling asleep on the couch.

The Giant thanked his friends for coming, and he happily walked them out. So tired, he knew sleep was coming about. He climbed in bed, with 13 Reasons Why, dreams filled his head. One being he was exhausted, and sleep he spotted. Good night and sweet dreams, you wonderful legendary writers. This Giant, hopes you all have a great night, especially the marvelous subscribers!

Dear Father

Dear Father,

I miss you everyday. Growing up without you has been tough. I don’t know if I became the man that you would’ve imagined, but I definitely tried to become the best man that’s possible. It’s been an obstacle. Not knowing what’s right or wrong. Grief eating at me, cracks in a song. A kid broken, with words unspoken.

I loved you with all of my heart. Though, as a young boy, I never quite valued your attention. As a teen, I felt like I needed you for ascension. Body changing, emotions phasing, and mind racing. Questions that I had. Curiosities like a fad. Man, I was so mad. I needed you! I missed you! I cried to the sky with emotions of blue. Candle after candle, I wished, and blew. Nothing occurred, nothing new.

An adult I became, and the days got easier. I was able to go on with your teachings, pushed to the front of my mind. The light shining on me, and I was no longer blind. I did the best that I could. I observed. I learned. I defeated every obstacle, and gained new knowledge. You’d be proud, I released the bondage! I know you’re always with me, dad. I’m no longer sad. My blood is your blood. I am your blood. You’re always with me. I’m accompanied, always, by your gift of red love.






The stinging feeling of hurt creeping up on you, moving from your head to your toes. Causing loud confusion, drilling illusions and opening holes.

Filling up your psyche with asinine thoughts. The darkest parts of you, waking up from evil spots.

All the memories shared, all the laughter aired, all the emotions bared, during all the times we cared, and now they’ve been impaired.

I miss what we use to have. I miss the tears of joy, enough for a bath. I miss our comradery and our friendship. Everyone even thought we were kinship.

That’s how close we were before the Lion King attacked. Best friends caught in turmoil, the odds were stacked.

Now we’re both growing up alone, times apart. Wishing we could take back our unkind words, from the start.

It use to feel like hell. Though now, I wish you well. Our friendship grew apart. That’s a part of art. Different strokes for different folks. Love never really dies; it’s just looking for a place to hide. I wish you joy and peace, with all the happiness to now release.


You gotta laugh at yourself. Like the boring book on the bookshelf. Anyone ever walk in a crowd and fall? Embarrassing as that is, did you “play it off?” I mean like, get up and walk like nothing happened? The icing on the cake is if someone busted out laughin’.

I remember I tripped down the stairs at my old job. Everyone stared at me like the mob. My coworkers tried their darnedest not to laugh. Meanwhile, I jumped up, patted myself, as if people wanted my autograph. Did it hurt? Of course it did. But the pain was subsided by my blushing head.

No one ever wants to be embarrassed. Though sometimes you gotta laugh at yourself with some cherish. Stuff happens, I’ll giggle with the crowd. Yep, that’s right, I’ll make myself proud.

I’m learning that those downfalls are some of the best moments in life. Laughing is the perfect antidote for strife.


Let’s play a game?

Survival of the fittest.

Last brother standing

Wittiest flame left commanding.

A chapter of Russian roulette. The suspense of waiting for the threat.

Monopoly has that get out of jail free card. A game of dice, taking a chance with the bard?

Racing down a yard? Gotta watch out for the lard! Maybe instead, the courtyard?

Let’s play Operation. You only live once. A game of Life? Don’t want to be a duration dunce.

Call Steve Harvey, get the Family Feud started. Mysteries to solve, a game of Uncharted.

Sibling rivalries like no others. Can’t take it too far, don’t want to be like certain brothers.

Don’t interrupt our games. Only we can rename.

Best friends, we’re both survivors. Mess with our games, we’ll tackle you with pile-drivers.