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Mixture of Dreams Part Six

It means no worries, for the rest of your days. The big-hearted Giant, has just woken up, from an enchanted phase. An unusual prince, he appeared to be. Beautiful colors of the wind, he could see. With cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels…magic carpets flying, and Cruella De Vil with a poodle. The Giant was truly at awe, with his new colorful palace. A unique land of wonder, he met a friend named Alice. They traveled through a rabbit hole, to reach the Pride Lands. What fun they both had, visiting the stunning motherland.

As the Giant woke up, with a big smile on his face. He was surrounded by mandrills, all in his place. Five little monkeys, jumping on the bed. “Hmmmm…..” The Giant thought, “did I hit my head?”

He looked around, and saw a little rabbit hole. He woke up AGAIN, wait, not this loophole. The moon was still high, illuminating with light. It was still the wonderfully mysterious night. He closed his eyes, dozing into wonder. This Giant, hopes that all of you wonderful writers, have a great slumber.

Random of the Day: Vacation

All I ever wanted. And vacation, damnit, I got it!

I’ve been wanting to get away for some time. Sometimes, moving away is for the best, whether physically or mentally. What about moving spiritually? In one of my previous posts, I talk about meditating, and how it has changed my life! Well, Spirituality is the vacation I went on. It was amazing. If anyone ever feels lost, a little distant, missing someone, or even wondering where did everything go wrong, I highly recommend this vacay!

What I did was very simple, anyone can do it. I decided to fast, to cleanse my system. This wasn’t my first fasting, so I was prepared. Next, I gathered some sage to rid my home of any negative energy. The last items needed for my vacay was lavender incense sticks, which I used to calm my mind. A cheap vacation! Never knew of such a thing! 👌🏾🤞🏾

For my activities, as soon as I woke up, I meditated, went to the park, walked for a few hours, fed the ducks, meditated, and then went home. Once home, I opened the windows and doors, then burned the sage. Afterwards, I burned the lavender incense, and meditated again. That’s literally all I did.

Focusing on myself with nature’s help is the best vacation I’ve ever went on. I recommend a spiritual vacation. This spirituality vacation helped to instill what I’ve already been learning. Materialistic stuff is nice, but it’s not needed to be happy – that can be the newest car, the best cell phone, the best clothes, or even a picture perfect relationship. It’s not needed. I’m thankful for my loved ones. Their love is a blessing. I’m thankful for any situations I’ve ever been in. New knowledge is a blessing. I’m thankful for being able to walk this Earth with all of you – the best blessings.

Vacation is over, and I’m very excited to write again and read everyone’s posts!