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Mixture of Dreams: Part Twelve (TV Edition)

Once Upon A Time — This Giant used to be obsessed with that show. Every Sunday night, The Giant made sure to watch, with hope. Hope that everyone got their happy endings, and lived happily ever after. The Evil Queen taught us How To Get Away With Murder, becoming unoffending, and filled with laughter. The Giant loved watching Snow White and Prince Charming fight. Their love was like Black Lightning- full of light.

The Giant was wearing his colorful tunic, and rocking in his favorite green rocking chair. His eyes were as red as Archie’s (from Riverdale) hair. He decided to go to bed, as it was now night. Laying down, he started to lose sight. Dreams attacked his head. The Giant was seeing double. He even imagined Paw Patrol’s Rubble.

Good night and sweet dreams, you legendary writers! This Giant, hopes that you all have wonderful dreams, of your desires.

Carnival Row TV Show Review

So far, so good! I’m currently on episode four, and I’ve been hooked ever since I started watching!

Seriously, who needs cable when you have cheap streaming apps?! Hulu, Netflix and Amazon are really coming through with original programs. Carnival Row is a great show brought to you by Amazon Prime Video. Created by Travis Beacham and Rene’ Echevarria, Carnival Row is a fantasy show, that’s a little on the darker side!

Starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne, Carnival Row revolves around mythical creatures – like faeries, different fae species, witches, an unnamed creature(that literally tore apart and ate a faerie, and left her guts in the street), and humans. Now, I’m going to be honest, as I’m only on episode four, I’m not too sure about all the different species, but there’s A LOT. It’s not really a manual on this, so you have to really pay attention when watching. It’s part of the show’s charm. We’re use to the same ol’ species, but this show is bringing out some new ones! It’s really good.

The show starts off with the faeries running for their lives, trying to escape their homeland, which is at war. The show takes place in a town for humans, but with the fae homelands being attacked and stripped of their resources(thanks to humans….), they have fled to this town as refugees. Once in the town (The Republic of Burgue), the fae are forced into low level professions. Some are forced into servitude, some are escorts, some are just throwing other faes off of buildings. That last one is a spoiler, buttttttt it’s crazy, so I had to mention.

Carnival Row is a great take on immigration, discrimination, political power, politics, war, serial murders, and even, LOVE. I haven’t watched a fantasy show, based on mythical creatures, add this much realism since Buffy The Vampire Slayer – which is saying something, because Buffy set the blueprint! The show mixes everything together perfectly, which makes it unique in this generation of shows.

The show premiered on Amazon Prime Video, August 30th, 2019, and has already been renewed for a second season, so you won’t be wasting your time getting invested. Season 1 consists of eight episodes. This show is definitely worth a watch. It’s new, refreshing, and I guarantee, there’s nothing quite like this on TV right now. It’s really good. Check it out!

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard – Book 1 Review

What a wonderful start to a creative, informative, mystery-driven, and action packed series. I loved everything about this book!

As a big fan of the author, Rick Riordan, I went into this book already ecstatic. I’m a big fan of the Percy Jackson series – rivaling my time, with Harry Potter (J.K Rowling – you’re awesome), during my teen years. I have a fascination for Greek mythology, so the books are like readable sugar to me. After Percy Jackson, I moved on to Rick Riordan’s Egyptian themed series, The Kane Chronicles, which are just as good.

Magnus Chase, the son of Vanir deity Frey, is the hero of this book. The series is all about Norse mythology, so if your not caught up on it, you can wait until the end of the book, which explains the words and terms. Though, if your like me, just have your wiki, mobile encyclopedia, or dictionary ready, and I guarantee by the end of this book, you’ll be well informed!

Magnus Chase is simply awesome.

In this book, Magnus is a homeless orphan, who dies, goes to Valhalla, soon comes back to life, and then goes on the quest of his life. His mom died, gruesomely, two years ago, and his father is the God, Frey – who Magnus has never met. As a child of Frey, it’s prophesized that he finds the Sumarbrander (Sword of Summers), the most powerful sword in the Nine Worlds (created by his father), and must stop Fenris Wolf from starting Ragnarok.

Accompanying Magnus on his quest is the Valkyrie, Samantha, who’s a child of the trickster God, Loki. Next are Magnus’ homeless companions, Blitzen and Hearthstone – a crafty dwarf and a magical elf. Though at the time of Magnus’ homeless period, he wasn’t aware of Blitzen’s and Hearthstone’s true natures.

This book is equally informative and imaginative! I learned so much from start to finish about Norse Mythology. That’s what I love about Rick Riordan’s literary work – it’s informative and you learn a bunch of new knowledge. A fictional book that’s also teaching you. It’s ingenious.

Magnus Chase starts off as an orphan, but by the end of the book, he forms a new family, and together they stop the world from ending. If anyone loves fictional, mythological based books, I recommend reading this series! It’ll leave you wanting more. I’m about to start book two now!

A Perfect World

With the blessings of Olurun, the world can be. Joining in the light, the moons of Changxi. The ceremony was ravishing, as told by Anansi. The essence of beauty, touched by Aphrodite.

A marvelous gathering, created by Vishnu. With the following of thunder, led by Zeus. The magical aura filled by Hecate. With a touch of sunshine, from King Frey. Water dancing in the air, thanks to Aegir. Drinks from Dionysus, wine and beer.

A harmonious, mythological experience; it’s definitely one of a kind. Like a story by Thoth, penetrating the mind. A ceremony of the ages. Chapters with multiple pages. This tale will carry on in the Heavens. A New Testament, with multiple blessings.


Mixture of Dreams: 1 – 10 Crossover Addition

Hoo hooooo, the Owl flew over the Giant’s beanstalk, watching the festivities take place.

The Giant’s hills are alive, with the sound of music. Everyone was so fluid, and very lucid! Dancing was Old MacDonald and Ms. Mary Mack, with her little lamb eating snacks. Jack and Jill were playing in the water, having a marvelous time. Ariel got to show her fins, which amazed Optimus Prime. The Three Little Pigs and the Five Jumping Monkeys were all eating the tasty porridge; telling a story of trapping a wolf, in Lil Red Riding Hood’s storage. The disco lights and the music had the Big Hearted Giant moving in rhythm. His colorful tunic flying around, looking like a giant prism.

The guests were enjoying themselves, as the sun went down. Humpty Dumpty stayed away from the wall, yet still found himself on the ground. The Giant’s palace had a decorated roomful. Baa Baa Black Sheep, even helped decorate with wool.

Twilight’s here, with Bella and Edward handing out blue violets and red roses. Pockets were full of posies, with beautiful scents filling the noses.

The Giant thanked his guests for coming, though the festivities must come to an end. He was very thankful, to have such animated friends.

Everyone climbed down the beanstalk, back into town. There goes ol’ Jack falling, and breaking his crown. The Giant didn’t laugh this time, instead going to bed. He was exhausted, with clouds surrounding his head.

So long, farewell Auf Wiedersehen, adieu. This Giant, wishes sweet dreams with love, to each and everyone of you!


The world is wonderful and unifying; sometimes with unknowns kind of mystifying.

Vitalizing waters to explore with limited grey time. Crossing oceans and receiving notions from the blue sky.

Rainbow trees and green grass, helping us to breathe. With a splash of orange, for a dose of Vitamin C.

Yellow planets like Venus, scorching like no other. Yellow buzzing bees of honey, chasing us through the summer.

Exquisitely colorful, fittingly transversal, and red apples to keep us safe. Even having black and white commercials, with colorless odors to cause chafe.

A young purple Earth, a third purple eye, peering to commence. Purple grapes, lavender drapes, soothing the essence.

Brown and gold twins. Ruby rose and red. Kepler 186f and Earth. Purple also representing rebirth.

Flying like a colorful bird, dipping in all shades. Connecting the past and present, transparency of wonders displayed.


Euphoric clouds of intensity, wandering through the mind. Similar to a taste from Dionysus – ecstasy with wine.

Remake of The Never Ending Story – could this feeling last forever? Adding more shades of bliss, as a welcoming endeavor.

The spectrum of colors, near bright and yellow. Fresh optimism, with a splash of mellow.

Partying with Bacchus, a whirlwind of blaze. Exhilarating fog of utopia, drifting in a haze.

Mixture of Dreams Part Eight

It’s that time again, all my literary friends. Mr. Giant is teleporting, into mysteriously, groovy lands. Given magical red shoes, to teleport around. Really wanting, to hear musical sounds. *DING* The Giant appears on stage, dancing to “Survivor.” Destiny’s Child, bringing the house down like a WWF, or E, pile driver. No, literally, the stage begin to crash. Too much rockin’, like Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

The Giant teleported again, this time to a land dressed in all black. Though wait, that’s usually reserved for Ms. Mary Mack, Mack, Mack. 🎶 He teleported again, this time on a yellow brick road. Somewhere over the rainbow, where his red shoes were bestowed. Glinda magically appeared, who blessed him the shoes. The Giant thanked her, happy that he sang the blues.

*DONG* The Giant found himself at home, it’s the rhythm of the night. Letting his excitement breathe, so his mind rests in delight. Though the party will live on, it’s that time for bed. This Giant, hopes that all of you wonderful writers, are enchanted with soothing dreams ahead.