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Dear Mother

Dear Mother, what can I say? We’ve definitely had our struggling days.

Longing for an entity that’ll never return. Looking for a soul that we can’t discern. A woman wounded from losing her lover. Tales and stories wrapped underneath a cover.

You gifted your offspring with imaginary tears of joy. Masking the pain inside with a smiling decoy. You were so hurt! This wasn’t fair! Why would your lover leave you this way? Did the Heavens even care?! Holding yourself at night, with the pain eating your heart. Cradled like a baby, and womb, being torn apart.

You uplifted your children throughout all the bad times. The bullying, the cutting, the giving up attempts. The crying, the nearly dying – nothing was exempt.

The pain turned you into a fighter – lioness protecting her kin from any outsider. You gave your all to shield your eggs. Fighting off any predators to secure the pegs.

The best mom, the warmest person, the giver of life, and the mightiest psalm.

What you’ve made it through took guts! Your children will always protect you. Our mother, our protector, the Matriarch, and our cover. Dear mom, thank you for always being here for us!