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Random of the Day: Positive Week Vibes

Inspirational posts from Instagram.

It’s Monday; hopefully all of you wonderful writers have a good day!

Positive vibes for the week. 💙


Two Sides

Courage to be something different. Not following the mold. Being bold, but not belligerent. Fire and ice, a little hot, with a dab of cold.

The bold voice telling me to push forward. Encouraging me to go upward. Moving me from downward. Making sure my voice is straightforward, and afterwards, my goal I go towards.

The bold voice is my comfort, my shield, my protector, my windshield.

How can I do without it? Would I be weaker? Will thy be stronger? How will my voice transmit? Where is my speaker?

Yin and yang inside a vessel. Giant and troll, in a nestle.

Bouncing off each other like ping pong. Combining country and rap in a song.

He is my detector and I am his projector. Together we are a force. Two sides become one. We can do anything. Together we are the source.

Love thy neighbor and love thy voice. In unison, two sides shall rejoice.

Random of the Day: Self-Love

A few random posts from Instagram!

We’re all trying our best in this big, wide world. Love yourself first always. If you don’t accept yourself, why would anyone else accept you? We all deserve peace, love, and happiness- and better yet, these are all FREE gifts that we can obtain for ourselves, from ourselves. How cool is that?! 😍❤️ Blessings to all! 🙏🏽