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Building blocks, ticking clocks, melodies so high.

Lightning speeds, input seeds, tones to amplify.

Chapters of long, pages of song, letters turn to words.

Words of fun, speeches of pun, voice to be heard.

My timbre prolong, my note ready, shadow be so daring.

My sound is strong, my delivery is steady, bursting out the larynx.

Now it’s free, hopefully a treat, the musical clock spinning in tune.

Now everyone can see, hopefully something unique, a sound block releasing the typhoon.

One Month Anniversary

Today marks my One Month Anniversary since I’ve begin blogging! Starting this blog, and being able to give a voice to my imagination, has really helped heal me in many ways. Just a few months ago, I was incredibly sad; I felt like a part of me was missing – been missing for years. Not just that, I was missing my niece and nephews, after caring for them while my sister healed. It was a lot of emotions migrating inside of me. That’s when I started changing up my routine, painting more, and with that, I started writing again. It’s like a part of me, that was hidden away, has been unleashed. I don’t know why I stopped exactly. Though, I’m glad I’ve regained my love for it again!

I just wanted to thank everyone that’s been following and liking my work. It means the world to me. The biggest blessing from this journey is the feedback that I’ve received from everyone. It has helped me evolve in positive ways, and I’ll always be grateful!

This year has definitely taught me a lot, with the biggest lesson being: if you ever feel lost from yourself, try to remember, and connect, with what you like doing. Another thing I learned. Take chances. Spread your wings; try new things. Apart of you that’s missing, may still be waiting to be found.

Thanks again everyone for the love!

Random of the Day: Energy

I wanted to share some positive energy. These are from Instagram!

I’ve been feeding my soul with everything under the sun. I never was one to put myself first, with anything, and now I do. It’s been a great achievement and reward.

Yes, it can! Evolution can be a wonderful thing.

I love this quote. Just like you need to move blue to red, or vice versa, to get purple. This has helped me tremendously with connecting my energy to more positive ventures and not staying stuck where I’m comfortable. Finding new shades of color to feed my soul.

Wanted to share some good vibes this afternoon!