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Euphoric clouds of intensity, wandering through the mind. Similar to a taste from Dionysus – ecstasy with wine.

Remake of The Never Ending Story – could this feeling last forever? Adding more shades of bliss, as a welcoming endeavor.

The spectrum of colors, near bright and yellow. Fresh optimism, with a splash of mellow.

Partying with Bacchus, a whirlwind of blaze. Exhilarating fog of utopia, drifting in a haze.


Benevolent sensations, seductive temptations. A walk on the wild side, with no rules to abide by. Covering in smoke, and hiding from gloomy. Undercover Operative, reporting for duty.

I can be the bad boy that you like, and the bad boy that you need. I can be the one to tie your soul, and the man of your wildest dreams.

Truth or dare, who came to play? Dark time, game of prey. “What would you like to do?” Staring in eyes. “Maybe some Christian Grey, and a little I-Spy.”

What a good time, we both spared with no care. So much excitement, together bared and to share.

Chivalrous journey, the best ever had. Ambitions released, nomadic times of unclad. Smoke has cleared, and back from duty. Passion maintained, from the twilight side of beauty.