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Mixture of Dreams Part 18 (TV Edition)

Whoa, what a day it was! A day full of games with assembled love. The Giant went on a big stroll through the Greenleaf woods. Only to run into marvelous heroes of good. It was a mystique set of events. The Giant ran into the Avengers, and Spiderman, who was in a webby tent.

The Giant was excited to meet The Avengers, having met other superheroes a few weeks ago. It was like being in a Disney movie, with amazing scenes to show. There was Thor, with his divine hammer, and The Hulk, who was silent with a green temper. Captain America with his shiny shield, and Quicksilver, running fast through the mightiest fields. It was magical!

After a day of games and laughter, Nightfall came about. It was time The Giant went home, and took the much needed sleep route. He thanked The Avengers for a super time! A day full of fun, and tales that shine. The Giant got home and hopped straight into bed. More cloudy adventures overtook his sleeping head.

Goodnight and sweet dreams, Legendary Writers! This Giant, hopes that you all get everything that your heart desires!

Avengers Endgame

This isn’t a review, I just wanted to share how awesome this movie was!

*Though it’ll be in the review category, since it pertains to a movie*

I decided to have a movie day before the work week starts. I cleaned my house from top to bottom, picked a spot on the couch, got my snacks together, and then got this movie gem to watch.

I know it came out months ago, but I’m just now watching it, and can I say, I was definitely missing out! Marvel gained a new fan! Everything about this movie was wonderful. It was comedy gold from start to finish, it was a tear-jerker, with a couple deaths leaving you feeling like you lost a couple friends/family members, and the action scenes – OMG the action scenes – were marvelous!! I’m amazed and in awe of how well this movie was set up!

Just wanted to share with you guys! I’m still over here shaking with excitement! I hope that you wonderful writers are having a great Sunday! ❤️