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Charmed (Reboot) Review

This Review contains spoilers!

What a spectacular time for TV shows! Though the beloved Game of Thrones is over, there’s plenty of room for new shows, new seasons, remakes, and adaptations. I’m late to the party, as usual, but thanks to Netflix/Hulu/Amazon, I can play catch-up before the new seasons arrive. Now, to be fair, I wasn’t even going to watch this show. I was stuck in my ways, and I didn’t want to see any new faces as The Charmed Ones, originally created by Constance M. Burge. As far as I was concerned, no one could ever replace Prue (Shannon Doherty), Piper (Holly Combs), Phoebe (Alyssa Milano), and Paige (Rose McGowan). Well, this show didn’t even try to replace them. The remake, created by Jennie Snyder, Jessica O’Toole, and Amy Rardin, did something better! They developed new, original Charmed Ones! And let me just say, they are pretty awesome!!

A lot to catch up on, so let’s just dive right in:

The show starts off with the two younger sisters, Mel and Maggie, and their mother, Marisol. Their mom, who’s been drinking, gives off a monologue about how she loves her daughters, they are special, lovely, beautiful, wonderful, spectacular, and stronger together. These weren’t her exact words, but you catch my drift, right? We’ve all seen a scary movie, so we know this is a recipe for the grim reaper. The sisters go about their ways, only to later receive texts from their mom to come home. They rush home and find her dead(like accidentally took a tumble out of the attic window, dead).

Fast forward, Mel(the “older” sister, but actually the middle), knows their mom didn’t actually fall out of the attic window, though no one believes her, and blames it on the a a a a a alcohol… 🎶. Mystery #1 right off the bat! Soon after, we’re introduced to the actual older sister, Macy, who just moved to town, comes to the family manor, meets her sisters, shows them a picture of baby Macy with their mom, and then BOOM, sparks happen. Like an actual spark that blew out the power in their house.

Soon after, their powers start manifesting, and now the show starts to get good!!

We’re introduced to their white-lighter(teacher/protector of witches) Harry, who explains that the sisters are actually witches, CHARMED witches, the strongest of the strongest, and their mother was actually murdered. This is one of the many GOOD twists of the show, especially when they find out who/what did it!

Their powers are pretty much like the original Charmed.

The oldest sister Macy (Madeleine Mantock) is really badass! She’s a telekinetic witch with demon blood, so her powers are amplified. She has a PhD in molecular physics, and works in a lab. She’s pretty awesome, and probably my favorite!

The middle sister is Mel(Melonie Diaz). She’s outspoken, doesn’t take any shit, and devout feminist. She’s also a graduate student. She can freeze time, and doesn’t waste any time on using it!

The youngest, and more outgoing, sister is Maggie(Sarah Jeffery). She’s a college freshman and sweetheart, being the first one to accept Macy as her sister. She is a telepath, being able to read thoughts. This is different from the original, where Phoebe had premonitions.

Throughout the series, the sisters are introduced to various demons, mythological creatures, a HALF human/demon, and a HALF witch/white-lighter. The reason why I capitalized those is because if you’ve watched the original, you know that Cole was the half human/demon and forbidden love interest of Phoebe. This show uses that theme – And better, the half demon hybrid’s(Parker) dad is one of the main villains. The half witch/white- lighter, in the original, was for the introduction of Paige. This show introduced a completely new, non Charmed One, for the role, and she’s actually pretty cool. She’s apart of a secret group of witches called the S’Arcana, and becomes a love interest of Mel. You also have the Elders, a group of ancient witches, able to do incredible things – such as creating white-lighters. This is different from the original, who’s Elders were ancient white lighters.

The battles throughout the show are amazing. One thing I really LOVED about this remake is that they introduced new types magic. They introduced the religion Santería, and magic used in this practice. This type of magic was able to assist the Charmed Ones. Necromancy is also pretty big in this show. This really set the show apart from the original!

Overall, this show is amazing! The Charmed Ones battle a huge variety of demons and even evil witches. You don’t really know who the good guys are, and that even goes for the actual good guys. Remember, Macy(eldest sister) has demon blood. 😉 That’s another thing, they deal with the issue of why she was abandoned, and the creators do it in a big way!

This show has definitely done well with separating itself from the original. The characters are very lovable, the magical battles are intense, there’s a lot of mystery, heartbreak, and everything you need for a wonderful show! The original Charmed will always be in our hearts, but this is a worthy remake, and quite frankly, stand-alone show!

The show is on hiatus, but you can catch it on Netflix! Season 2 premieres on the CW- October 11, 2019 at 8:00PM(ET). Plenty of time to catch up, and I highly recommend you do. Check it out, you’ll definitely be in for a satisfying treat!

Beyoncé -Spirit (The Lion King)

Wow, can I just say WOW, what an experience with Beyoncé’s new music video, Spirit, from Disney’s The Lion King!

Now, to be fair, I haven’t watched the new Lion King yet. I like to wait until the hype goes down. Call me the tardy guy. 🤞🏾😜

With that being said, this video is a work of elemental art. From the emotive dancing, to the beautiful lyrics, the colorful scenery, and the appearance of Blue Ivy, everything fit together perfectly. It felt like Mother Nature birthed out this video.

Can we talk about the dancing? Did it have anyone else dancing, or trying their best to move with spirit?! If it did, we were doing this together. Listening to this song, you can’t help but to sing and dance. The choreography is amazing, add Beyoncé’s remarkable vocals, and you have a showpiece.

This video will have you high off life. Everyone has probably watched it, though if you’re like me, and always late to the party, I definitely recommend you catch this masterpiece.

The Lion King premiered last Friday, July 19th, in the US. I’m going to wait to go see it – probably give it another week. Until then, here are the showtimes for anyone that hasn’t seen it. If you have seen it, let me know how it is!

I’m going to go watch the Spirit music video for the millionth time!

Mulan (2020)

After procrastinating just a tad bit, I’ve finally got around to watching the new trailer for Mulan. And can I just say, this movie looks like it’s going to be AWESOME! Growing up, I was a big fan of the Disney movie. Who can forget Mushu, the little talking dragon. Eddie Murphy (voice of Mushu) is a comedic genius. He brought Mushu to life, having some of the funniest one-liners.

To my surprise, I read that Mushu is not going to be in this live-action movie. Was I sad at first, yes. Though, after reading a little bit more about the premise, I see that this movie is based more on the original tale of Hua Mulan. If you’re like me, you grew up on the Disney version, and that’s the only version you know. Am I embarrassed, definitely! Though I’m very thankful for the learning opportunity. After reading the premise, and learning about Hua Mulan, I’m even MORE excited that Disney has decided to go this route.

The story has a feeling of empowerment, courage, strength, and spirit, and the trailer definitely delivers on all these elements! The fight scenes look amazing, the cinematography is stunning, and the acting looks superb, this is certainly a recipe for a tremendously good movie!! Can’t wait to watch. Mulan comes out next year, and I’ll definitely be catching it.

American Gods —Review

This Review contains spoilers! 🤞🏾Read at your own accord, though I’ve warned.

Season One and Season Two

Rarely nowadays, has a show had me so intrigued with the storyline, that I’m glued to the TV every week. I realize that that’s how we had to watch shows before the Netflix/Hulu era, but come on, we all can agree that binge watching is much more convenient and fun! It’s also cheaper. I stopped paying for cable years ago, though thanks to my grandmother being in the golden ages, I’m able to enjoy her cable, with her cooking. Love you grandma! Based on the extraordinary Neil Gaimam’s book with the same name, STARZ really has a gem with this show. Developed by Michael Green and Bryan Fuller, American Gods tells the story of Shadow Moon. Shadow Moon is released from prison, and he soon meets the con-man, Mr Wednesday. Shadow’s life starts spiraling out of control. His wife, Laura Moon, dies in a car accident, while having an affair with his best friend, who also dies in the accident. She’s soon brought back to life, to the shock and confusion of Shadow. Throughout Mr. Wednesday’s escapades, Shadow is introduced to different Old Gods like Chernobog(Slavic religion) and Mad Sweeney(Irish). He encounters the New Gods like Media(Goddess of Media), Technical Boy(Tech God), and even Mr. World himself(leader of the new Gods). He becomes intertwined in a battle between the Old Gods and New Gods. This show is ideal for everyone, though if you are keen on mythologies and religions, you’d especially LOVE this. This show incorporates Gods from all different types of mythologies and religions.

You have every deity from Thoth (Egyptian mythology) to Jesus Christ himself. This show also incorporates Odin(Norse God), Bilquis(Hebrew Queen of Sheba/Goddess of Love), Anubis(Egyptian God), to Mama Ji/Kali(Hindu Goddess).The cinematography and graphics are breathtaking. The storylines in season one and two are exhilarating. And can I just say, Gillian Anderson’s character Media is spectacular. Though the character is played by a different actress in season two, who’s also amazing, Gillian’s Media definitely stole every scene she was in. Such a marvelous actress. Between the season one scene with Bilquis, played by the gorgeous Yetide Badaki, who’s vagina literally sucked a man into her……paradise, to the Mr. Wednesday reveal as Odin scene, season one was spectacular and will definitely have you on the edge of your seats. How could I forget the awesome Mr. Nancy(Anansi, the spider trickster God), who starts almost every one of his scenes with thought-provoking, hardening, and revelatory stories. Season two is just as extraordinary and introduces even MORE Gods!!

What I love about this show is that it’s all based on beliefs. With many myths and religions, this show explains how if you believe in it, you’re essentially bringing it to life. That’s what American Gods does wonderfully. It explains how human beliefs are very powerful, and we can take them wherever we go.

If you haven’t watched this show, I definitely recommend you do! If mythologies and religion isn’t your thing, that’s okay, you’ll definitely enjoy the comedy, drama, and action this show offers. The scenery is beautiful, the acting is superb, and the characters are so complex and enjoyable, you won’t know who to root for. Thank you Neil Gaiman for this work of art, and to the show creators for bringing it to life! Definitely worth a watch.

Although the show is currently on hiatus, it usually airs Sundays at 9:00 PM/ET. Perfect time to catch up before the new season starts!