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Dream Come True

Growing up, while in school, I’ve always said that I wanted to have my own chalkboard. Something that I don’t have to plug in, and have a cord.

So as I got older, and decided to take up painting. I told myself that I’m going to paint my own, and started creating.

Now I’m free to write or draw, whatever I want. Letting my mind wander, and go for a jaunt.

Easy cleanup, with water and a dish, and now I’ve fulfilled, my own little wish. 😍😍🔥

My Flowers

Little history about this. It’s common to go out and buy flowers for your mom, significant other, spouse, or partner; anyone you care about. I decided to paint a flower instead. Something you can have forever. This was going to be a gift, though I held on to it. Its a reminder of reclaiming my art, my power, my time.

This was very fun to paint, and I’ll probably paint a matching it the “flower-power” set…or maybe something less cheesy. 🤞🏾❤️

A Burst of Flavor

This vanity was so fun to paint. I wanted to do something different, something non-traditional. I added magnetic paint on the inside, so you can hang metal keepsakes. I didn’t stop there. I also added a chalkboard section on the top, so if you wanted to make a list, or even just draw, you would have that option. I then created a stool for it, with matching colors. One of my favorite pieces ❤️❤️❤️