Random of the Day: Music for the Heart

The holidays are upon us, and you can feel the joyful aura flowing around. Its like the vibrations of the Earth are unifying the harmonic ground.

Wanted to share a few songs on my holiday playlist!

Mariah Carey – Miss you Most (At Christmas Time)

Michael Buble’ – It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Nat King Cole – The Christmas Song

Wham – Last Christmas

Luther Vandross – Every Year, Every Christmas

Mariah Carey ( J.D. Remix Animated) – All I Want For Christmas Is You

Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby

24 thoughts on “Random of the Day: Music for the Heart

      1. Michael_Malachi Post author

        Wow, this song is perfect! Lol I’m listening to it again, as I type. It starts off slow, and I’m like “ok,ok,ok,” and then the duet starts, and it gets magical. The melody, mixed with the lyrics, oh man the lyrics, had me happy and laughing at the same time! Thank you for putting me on to this! Definitely adding it to my holiday list of songs. 😁😁

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  1. msnyder1970

    All great choices Mike… Add Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses and The Barking Dogs do Jingle Bells and this list is complete. Speaking of Last Christmas there’s a brit-rom-com out called that the wife and I are seeing tomorrow

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