Random of the Day: Money For The Honey

An extra tip – if you decided to try the black seed oil from my lasthealth” post, taking a tsp. of raw honey afterwards takes the bitter taste away!

Another tip – turmeric and raw honey makes a great face mask. Check out this previous post for turmeric benefits!

8 thoughts on “Random of the Day: Money For The Honey

  1. Michael_Malachi Post author

    Haha I remember that song!! 😂It’s either A Sound Of Music or Mary Poppins, right?! She sings about a spoonful of sugar…..,helps the medicine go down! I never put two and two together! Lol It’s been so long since I’ve heard it, but I can hear bits and pieces in my head. 😂😂🎤🎶🎶 Thanks for the blast from the past!



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