Seedful Thoughts

Planting a thought and watching it bloom. It’s a beautiful thing. It’ll sprout magical leaves, grow high as a tree, and blossom. As the leaves fall, a bit of thought’s magic descends, as well. Creating new realms and journeys. Where should the leaves fall next? Will the magic raise new projects?

Plant the thought and watch it blossom. A seed, that creates magic, what could be more colossal?

22 thoughts on “Seedful Thoughts

      1. Michael_Malachi Post author

        😂😂 they come out, just expressed differently. I think the “silent but deadly” phrase was coined for us. 😅😁 We do a lot of the behind the scenes stuff. I express a lot of my thoughts in my blog, my writing, or paintings. We’re all different, though! 😂❤️ How about you?

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      2. yash

        How about me🤔? Ummm.. Maybe that’s why I am at the wordpress where I can write clandestinely about what I feel and experience without the fear of being judged by my family and friends😅.

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