Furniture Artwork: Furniture Haiku (Reshare)

Wanted to repost one of my furniture paintings. A before and after porch set I did. Both pieces were left on the curb, so I decided to make them a set. They were very fun to paint! πŸ’™πŸ’š

Furniture Artwork: Lavender and Gold Porch Set

Free stuff is welcomed

I like to redesign stuff

New porch set for free.

16 thoughts on “Furniture Artwork: Furniture Haiku (Reshare)

      1. Annu Muun

        Me too as in liking free stuffπŸ™‚….I paint walls and doors 😊I tried doing chairs a couple years ago….it’s not so easy with a brush….but I’m about to spray paint a couple of old pieces and see how they turn out☺️

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      2. Michael_Malachi Post author

        Lol right! Free stuff is the best, can’t ask for anything more than that! Lol And wow, pretty awesome about the painting! I bet your work is lovely. 😍 Good luck on the spray painting! I love to spray paint as well! Gets the job done and the pieces be looking shiny! πŸ’ͺ🏾😊

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