Mixture of Dreams Part Sixteen (TV Edition)

It was the Emergence of a league, and justice was here. The Giant got into some trouble, and colorful superheroes appeared. Two men and a woman, saved The Giant from a giant fall! They had the look of Titans, with powers and all! The Giant took a tumble through town, and almost squashed a few people. Luckily, the superheroes appeared, before The Giant could make everyone go splat, like beetles.

One was dressed in all black, and looked like a creepy bat. The other two wore red, white and blue, with a golden lasso, to match. The Giant asked what their names were, being very intrigued. The man, with an “S” on his chest, said: “we’re the Justice League!” 💙 They smiled and flew off, and was soon out of sight. The Giant returned to his home, as it was now night.

He jumped into bed, and dreams overtook his head. Images of flying through clouds, without a worry to be said. Good night and sweet dreams, you wonderful Legendary Writers of Tomorrow! This Giant, is enjoying a state of joy, with a side of peace, combo.


7 thoughts on “Mixture of Dreams Part Sixteen (TV Edition)

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