Officially Missing You

Why can’t I get these thoughts of you out of my mind? I don’t want them! I don’t need them!

Clouds of images suffocating my head. Replaying intimate memories shared in our bed. What can I do? I thought I grew! Guess the images were thawing in a queue.

You were bad for me. I was bad for you. They say opposites attract. We were just too different. Our energies did a retract. I know this. I realize this. Still, I can’t relinquish the bliss, or our kiss. Longing for an emotional switch. I miss our crew! An emotional haiku:

Looking out window
The brown tree’s hair becomes red
A man sad in bed.

Fun times. Good vibes. Time passed us in a blink of an eye. Tamia sang it best when she said Officially Missing You.

Pain, I no longer have to go through. Life goes on, and this I know, is true.






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