Mixture of Dreams: Special Edition (TV and Fairytales) Part XIV

Mr. Giant had a great time with Xena & Spartacus, who enjoyed the TV show, Arrow. He felt like something was missing, like a big, Lost sparrow. Hmmm….he wondered. He felt different – like an odd Doom Patrol member. Though, soon after, sleep captured him, and a magical realm – he finally remembered!

The Giant found himself back in Storybrooke, where he ran into Jack, Jill, Snow White (who had a beautiful bird on her shoulder), and the Three Little Pigs. They all jumped for joy, when they saw The Giant, who was pretty big! The Giant smiled, and they all hugged each other. It has been so long, since they’ve seen one another!

The colorful friends walked around town, catching up. Snow White and the beautiful bird were singing, with A Smile and A Song, bringing luck. The Three Little Pigs were telling a story of another wolf attacking their blue turf, and also something about running into Smurfs! Jack and Jill were drinking water. Jill asked The Giant where he had wandered. The Giant said he’s been watching TV with his warrior friends. He felt like something was missing, and now, here he is! They all smiled, then realized it was Twilight. They all hugged, under the magical, beaming skylight. The Giant said he had to go. A little tear ran down the cheek of Ms. Snow. You will come back and visit us, right? She asked. Of course I will, this certainly isn’t the last! The Giant answered.

He returned to his beanstalk home and jumped in bed. It wasn’t long before his dreams came to an end.

Mr. Giant woke up feeling really good, again! Feeling whole, like a doctor on The Resident. He woke to the chirping sounds of a beautiful bird singing with Glee. He smiled and thought: my colorful, fairytale friends, will always and forever be, apart of me!

Sweet dreams and good night you legendary writers. This Giant, hopes that everyone’s dreams are magically brighter.

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