The Shield

Things we do for the souls we love. It’s hard, ya’ know?! It’s the darkening of the dove.

Atrocities fighting through the beaming light. Can you feel it? Crushing of all the gleaming might. You’re walking on a bright ladder. The atrocities now sucking on your sight. Only the hard sacrifices will matter. No circulation for the giant kite.

Pulling every direction, weakening your strength. The whole world wants cleansing of their sin. Only you can save the treasures you love. Turning off any emotions to wear the boxing gloves.

I’ll give my all to protect the beings within thy heart. Sometimes not fighting fair, yet fighting smart. The force field of a lifetime. A darkened dove – one of a kind. Quick game of chess, and the obstacles playing checkers. Rendering them speechless, while I’m giving lectures.

Protector of the vale and soldier of one. Fighting until the opposition has fallen, and I have won. I’ll give my red beating heart to make sure that my duties are done. The golden, yet darkened shield, I was destined to become.

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