The cool breeze brushes against my caramel skin as I visit the fields. I lay in the green grass, encompassing everything around me. I look up and see the colorful birds flying past me. What kind of birds am I seeing? I haven’t the slightest of idea, but they’re beautiful. Blue birds with golden feathers, redish-orange birds, yellow birds, brown birds – all sorts of colors. Flying in unison.

I lay my head on the root of the tall, brown tree.

There I see the colorful leaves falling; taking up root with me on the green grass. I’m never alone. I’m surrounded by nature’s other children. All different shades. Green leaves, red leaves, brown leaves, orange leaves, and even some purple. All born from the same tree. All laying together beside me. A tangible rainbow on Earth. It’s amazing. I feel free. The white clouds watching me. The sky in glee. Somewhere near, the smell of a fresh sea. Watching a fly and a bee, swarm in harmony. This is the blessings of life. This is nature. I look up, thankful that I was given a chance to breathe. Nature is everything. I’m at peace.

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