Passing knowledge down throughout the ages. Genetics evolving through different stages. Stories and rhymes to never forget the past. Songs and tales that will always last. Asking the outer voices for guidance. Listening to inner voices form an alliance.

One invisible soul, multiple colorful energies. One visible heart, several powerful synergies.

The elders guiding us through spirit. Their history, our actions, creating an appearance. Unique traits that only they can give. The beings within our essence, combining to live. The liquid of life, forever everlasting. Spells of inherited markers, for inner casting.

They’re our past, and together, we’re the future. Cells, experience, and features, intertwining a powerful suture. Calling on our sacred bloodline for help. Conquering any obstacle, together unparalleled.

10 thoughts on “Bloodline

  1. Jordan G Kobos

    And at some point all our blood crossed each other at some point.

    Meaning how all the various races slept with each other in order to become other forms off the same races.

    For example, Sobek, Kobo Coin, Kobos town or region found in Africa like Kobos hotel in Asia and yet I am Slavic White.

    So right there it proves my ancestors mingled those parts once before and possibly were black as well before heading north to sleep with white folks in which case eventually ending up all white for the years after.

    Maybe we came down as white people and left after, who knows for sure?

    One of many reasons why I seek to explore the world one day to find out more from others who can read and understand languages that I am not accustomed to.

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    1. Michael_Malachi Post author

      Right man?!! It’s amazing when you think about it. Even going a little bit earlier in time, the modern homosapiens were created from cross breeding. So we’re all sort of kin. It’s really fascinating. Keep in touch man! I’d love to here more about the cultures you explore.

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      1. Jordan G Kobos

        We are all kin.

        If we weren’t?

        Our blood would be different colours.

        But it’s not and it runs through all of us in which case binding us altogether.

        The reason we all don’t look the same is simply because it would be boring if we did.

        That’s what makes exploring the world online and offline so much fun.

        Like Disney world with various play areas to explore and make explorable once again after the Earth transitions towards higher awareness of ourselves and other selves.

        So you and I are on the same page, thank you and l also look forward to your experience expressions as well.

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      2. Michael_Malachi Post author

        I love the way you put that – especially having the same color blood. The geek in me that was just watching Captain Marvel, and her having blue blood, loves/appreciates the way you put that! lol Thank you for opening my mind up more. I’m looking forward to discussing our future travels and exchanging new/lost knowledge!

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      3. Jordan G Kobos

        You’re the second person to bring up that movie to me this summer, I have it available to watch also so I’ll have to check it out finally.

        Been busy power watching other shows and movies while doing this on the side with them.

        Like dancing with the stars without actually having to physically dance.

        Anyways thank you again, until next time take care.

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