Mixture of Dreams: 1 – 10 Crossover Addition

Hoo hooooo, the Owl flew over the Giant’s beanstalk, watching the festivities take place.

The Giant’s hills are alive, with the sound of music. Everyone was so fluid, and very lucid! Dancing was Old MacDonald and Ms. Mary Mack, with her little lamb eating snacks. Jack and Jill were playing in the water, having a marvelous time. Ariel got to show her fins, which amazed Optimus Prime. The Three Little Pigs and the Five Jumping Monkeys were all eating the tasty porridge; telling a story of trapping a wolf, in Lil Red Riding Hood’s storage. The disco lights and the music had the Big Hearted Giant moving in rhythm. His colorful tunic flying around, looking like a giant prism.

The guests were enjoying themselves, as the sun went down. Humpty Dumpty stayed away from the wall, yet still found himself on the ground. The Giant’s palace had a decorated roomful. Baa Baa Black Sheep, even helped decorate with wool.

Twilight’s here, with Bella and Edward handing out blue violets and red roses. Pockets were full of posies, with beautiful scents filling the noses.

The Giant thanked his guests for coming, though the festivities must come to an end. He was very thankful, to have such animated friends.

Everyone climbed down the beanstalk, back into town. There goes ol’ Jack falling, and breaking his crown. The Giant didn’t laugh this time, instead going to bed. He was exhausted, with clouds surrounding his head.

So long, farewell Auf Wiedersehen, adieu. This Giant, wishes sweet dreams with love, to each and everyone of you!

4 thoughts on “Mixture of Dreams: 1 – 10 Crossover Addition

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