Two Sides

Courage to be something different. Not following the mold. Being bold, but not belligerent. Fire and ice, a little hot, with a dab of cold.

The bold voice telling me to push forward. Encouraging me to go upward. Moving me from downward. Making sure my voice is straightforward, and afterwards, my goal I go towards.

The bold voice is my comfort, my shield, my protector, my windshield.

How can I do without it? Would I be weaker? Will thy be stronger? How will my voice transmit? Where is my speaker?

Yin and yang inside a vessel. Giant and troll, in a nestle.

Bouncing off each other like ping pong. Combining country and rap in a song.

He is my detector and I am his projector. Together we are a force. Two sides become one. We can do anything. Together we are the source.

Love thy neighbor and love thy voice. In unison, two sides shall rejoice.