The world is wonderful and unifying; sometimes with unknowns kind of mystifying.

Vitalizing waters to explore with limited grey time. Crossing oceans and receiving notions from the blue sky.

Rainbow trees and green grass, helping us to breathe. With a splash of orange, for a dose of Vitamin C.

Yellow planets like Venus, scorching like no other. Yellow buzzing bees of honey, chasing us through the summer.

Exquisitely colorful, fittingly transversal, and red apples to keep us safe. Even having black and white commercials, with colorless odors to cause chafe.

A young purple Earth, a third purple eye, peering to commence. Purple grapes, lavender drapes, soothing the essence.

Brown and gold twins. Ruby rose and red. Kepler 186f and Earth. Purple also representing rebirth.

Flying like a colorful bird, dipping in all shades. Connecting the past and present, transparency of wonders displayed.

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