Haiku; Journey

Sailing around town

with hands grasping the blue wheel

Journey through the wind

7 thoughts on “Haiku; Journey

  1. Peter Martuneac

    I love the spirit of the open road! Five years back, I was in Santa Monica, California. I hopped on to Route 66 in my old Mustang and drove all the way to Chicago with nothing but a paper map. It was an incredible journey and I saw some amazing sights.

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    1. Michael_Malachi Post author

      There’s no better feeling! I know that ride was exciting. Far drive, and a lot to see! All with a paper map. My generation is spoiled because without my phone I’m lost. Lol What’s the best memory you have from the trip?

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      1. Peter Martuneac

        My best memory? That would have to be from the deserts of New Mexico. I was driving along about thirty miles from the nearest town and I saw a couple cars pulled off near a cliff not far from the road. Curious and with nowhere to be I pulled alongside them. Turns out there was a small memorial there to 5 local men who had been killed in the Korean War. 5 white crosses and burnished plaques standing in stark contrast to the red dirt. It was such a sobering thing in a lonely little place. And a reminder that you never know what treasures you’ll find if you keep your eyes open.

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      2. Michael_Malachi Post author

        Wow, the things you unexpectedly see when you’re not searching for it. An experience like that is one of a kind! Sad and enlightening. Thanks for sharing your memory. Makes me want to jump in my car and take off.

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