We’ll be together. Love will always find a way.

These feelings of old, yet of new. It’s the glue in this two-man crew.

Growing out of darkness, into the light. Connecting our essence-binding of illuminating sight.

Yearning goals. The connection in our souls.

Together, a single judge. This kind of forbidden love.

Barriers and terriers. Encompassing all angles of our exterior.

Obstacles to slow us down. Knocking our wants to the ground. “What have we done?” Asking the universe. “For is it a sin in trying to be one?”

It’s our love. It’s our choice. We’ll unite under one voice.

Our connection is too strong. Our feelings play like a song. We both agreed to our union. Our souls singing for a reunion.

True love will find it’s prey. Doesn’t matter who builds a gate. Doesn’t matter who stands in the way- lets pray the hate away.

The universe will allow us to be together. Our hearts being sealed with a tether. We’ll be together, no matter what. Love wins- strings that can’t be cut. Battles anew and battles knew. Together forever; forever being our glue.