One Month Anniversary

Today marks my One Month Anniversary since I’ve begin blogging! Starting this blog, and being able to give a voice to my imagination, has really helped heal me in many ways. Just a few months ago, I was incredibly sad; I felt like a part of me was missing – been missing for years. Not just that, I was missing my niece and nephews, after caring for them while my sister healed. It was a lot of emotions migrating inside of me. That’s when I started changing up my routine, painting more, and with that, I started writing again. It’s like a part of me, that was hidden away, has been unleashed. I don’t know why I stopped exactly. Though, I’m glad I’ve regained my love for it again!

I just wanted to thank everyone that’s been following and liking my work. It means the world to me. The biggest blessing from this journey is the feedback that I’ve received from everyone. It has helped me evolve in positive ways, and I’ll always be grateful!

This year has definitely taught me a lot, with the biggest lesson being: if you ever feel lost from yourself, try to remember, and connect, with what you like doing. Another thing I learned. Take chances. Spread your wings; try new things. Apart of you that’s missing, may still be waiting to be found.

Thanks again everyone for the love!

6 thoughts on “One Month Anniversary

  1. mygeminiandi

    Congratulations on your month of blogging! 😊
    I have been writing my blog for 2 weeks, and I am loving this platform. I have been wanting to share but fearful of being so open. I have always thought of my poetry as a window to my soul.
    When I read this post I thought of a poem I wanted to share with you, I hope that it is ok.
    If you have a day
    When you feel far away
    From the things that make you, you
    The way that in life you sometimes do
    Stop and take a look around
    Are your feet planted on the ground
    Feel the earth beneath your feet
    With your hand, feel your heartbeat
    Take in a breath of air
    And realize that you’re still here
    The way that God has designed
    Where your journey is separate from mine
    There will be those who challenge
    Your ability to stay balanced
    People who just can’t be content
    Who pass along their resentment
    Who long for others to take their struggles
    It is up to them to learn to juggle
    That doesn’t mean for you not to extend
    A loving hand in their direction
    God likes for us to help
    Those who also try to help themselves
    Just know that it is not up to you
    To carry alone, those burdens too
    Try your best to show others Grace
    Remember your sins God forgave
    Holding onto resentment
    Only hurts you in the end.
    Katherine Spitzer
    I look forward to more of your blog.

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    1. Michael_Malachi Post author

      That is very beautiful! 😊 Did you write it?! I appreciate you sharing it with me; I needed some words of encourage. This was right on time! I can’t thank you enough. As for your blog, your poetry is amazing, and your words give it a vision! It’s scary, sometimes, sharing words from the heart. I think it’s something we all go through, though in the end, we end up being our own biggest critics lol I love your work and look forward to reading more!!


  2. mygeminiandi

    Yes I wrote it. I just wanted you to know that I understand. I have never done anything like this before but as scary as it, I am loving it. I look forward to sharing more with you as well as your future work 💗💗💗

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