Random of the Day: Energy

I wanted to share some positive energy. These are from Instagram!

I’ve been feeding my soul with everything under the sun. I never was one to put myself first, with anything, and now I do. It’s been a great achievement and reward.

Yes, it can! Evolution can be a wonderful thing.

I love this quote. Just like you need to move blue to red, or vice versa, to get purple. This has helped me tremendously with connecting my energy to more positive ventures and not staying stuck where I’m comfortable. Finding new shades of color to feed my soul.

Wanted to share some good vibes this afternoon!

4 thoughts on “Random of the Day: Energy

  1. lavendertherapy

    The ship quote is a good motivator, since it’s sad to think of a ship just staying at the harbor day after day, not doing any ship things. I guess staying in one place in the water is more like a rubber ducky’s job ^^

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    1. Michael_Malachi Post author

      “Not doing any ship things.” I probably Lol’d a little to hard at that!! Lol Definitely right about that. Plus being a rubber ducky doesn’t sound fun at all. I’m stealing that if you don’t mind! Lol

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