Mixture of Dreams Part Four

knock. Knock. KNOCK. The Giant heard at the door. Who is it, he asked? “It’s the Three Little Pigs, and we’re bored.” The Giant let them in, from out of the forrest. Large, medium and small, he fixed them some porridge. They ate and laughed, and told funny stories. Something about the Pigs being a wolf’s quarries. The Giant told them about the wolf in the woods. And how… he ate Lil Red Riding Hood. The Pigs looked in fear, and wanted to call it a night. The Giant offered a ride in the Nautilus boat, it was only right.

*Row…*row..*row..the boat, gently down the stream. Three Pigs and a Giant, wow, they were quite the team. They passed Londons bridge, which was falling down. Finally arriving, in old Storybrook town. Straw, sticks and bricks, their houses appear. Fee-fi-fo-fum, The Giant sensed night was near.

The Giant bid farewell, and left the old town’s road. He was so tired, he could kiss a toad. He had a lot of fun, it was stellar. To his surprise, being quite the storyteller. The Giant got home, and went straight for his bed. And soon he was out, like the horseman’s head. The exhausted Giant, dreamed of flying sabers of light. Sweet dreams you all, this Giant, wants you all to have a wonderful night.

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