I gave it my all. Answered every call. You still hurt me, led me to fall.

The agonizing pain, the terrorizing stain, the indulging rain, the overthinking brain. And for what gain?

It’s like you were in this for the win, in it for my loss, in it for the thrill, whatever the cause.

I fought for you. Did you fight for me? I thought we grew. Did you purposely put me under the scree?

The pain, I wouldn’t wish it on an enemy. The entity, no empathy, loss of equity, changes in entropy.

Whatever the case, I moved away. No time for additional mistakes, my imagination was at stake.

My voice, released from the urn. My essence, making a return. I almost gave up my power. The elements spoke, there’s still much to learn.

2 thoughts on “Scar

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